1. get about [around]
(1) (能)到處走動,旅行。
如:He didn’t get about much after the operation. 手術後他不常外出去動。It’s easy in this city to get about by bus. 在本市乘公共汽車去各處都很方便。
(2) (消息、謠言等)傳播,流傳。
如:I don’t mind you knowing, but I don’t really want it to get about. 我不是不讓你知道,但我實在不想讓它傳出去。

2. get along
(1) 離開(某地)。
如:It’s time we were getting along. 我們該走了。
(2) 相處,過日子,合得來。
如:How are you getting along (with her)? 你(宋體>與她)過得怎樣? Do you get along with your boss? 你與老闆合得來嗎?
(3) 進展。
如:How are you getting along with your work? ">?

3. get away
(1) 離開,逃離,逃走。
如:I won’t be able to get away (from the office) before 7. 我七點以前離不開(我七點以前(辦公室)。
The thieves got away with all our money. 那些賊偷了我們所有的錢逃走了。
(2) 逃避責罰,免受處罰,受較輕處罰。
如:If you cheat in the exam, you’ll never get away with it. 考試作弊必予追究。
For such a serious offence he was lucky to get away with a fine. 他犯了那麼嚴重的過失,卻僥倖只交罰款了事。

4. get back
(1) 返回,回家。如:When did you get back from Paris? 你是什麼時候從巴黎回來的?
(2) 取回,拿回,失而復得。如:He got back the watch he lost. 他丟的表找回來了。
We decided to get the books back. 我們決定把書要回來。

5. get down 下來,取下,放下,弄下,寫下,打下,吞下。
如:The boy climbed up the tree and couldn’t get down. 小男孩爬上樹,卻下不來了。
He spoke too fast and I couldn’t get down all he said. 他說得太快,我無法記下他所說的所有東西。We managed to get down enemy planes. 我們設法打下了兩架敵機。
The medicine was so horrible I could hardly get it down. 那藥很難吃,我好不容易才嚥下去。

6. get down to (6doing) sth 開始做某事,認真處理某事。
如:It’s time we got down to some serious work. 我們該認真幹點正事了。

7. get in(1) 進站,到達,回來。如:
(1) The train (plane) got in late. 火車(飛機)晚點了。 I’ll phone him as soon as I get in. 我一到家就給他打電話。
(2) 請來。如:They have got the doctor in to look at the child. 他們已請來大夫給孩子看病。
(3) 插話。如:He talks so much that it’s impossible to get a word in. 他說個不停,別人休想插話。
(4) 收穫,收割。如:The villagers were busy getting the harvest in. 村民們在忙於收穫莊稼。

8. get off
(1) 起飛,動身,出發。如:The plane got off on time. 飛機準時起飛。We got off immediately after breakfast. 我們吃完早餐就動身了。
(2) 下班,下車。如:下班,下車。如:We get off at five. 我們五點下班。I’ll get off at the next stop. 我在下一站下車
(3) 從輕處罰,被放過。如:He got off with a small fine. 他交了一小筆罰款了事。

9. get on
(1) 上車。如:The bus came and we got on. 公共汽車來了,我們就上了車。公共汽車來了,我們就上了車
(2) 進行,進展,過日子。如:Let’s get on with our work. 我們繼續幹吧。How are you getting on (at school)? 你(在學校)的情況如何?
(3) 相處。如:He is not an easy man to get on with. 他不好相處。

10. get out

10出來,出去,離開。如:The door was locked and we couldn’t get out. 門被鎖上了,我們無法出去。
(1) The meeting went on late, so I got out as soon as I could. 會議開到很晚,所以一有機會我便離開了。
(2) 拿出,取出。如:He got out a dictionary and looked up the word in it. 他拿出一本詞典來查這個詞。
(3) 出版,發表。如:We hope to get the report out before the end of the month. 我們希望在這個月底發表這個報告。
(4) 洩漏,傳出。如:If the secret gets out, there will be trouble. 如果秘密洩漏出去,那就麻煩了。

11. get out of .
(1) 逃避,躲掉。如 :He tried to get out of helping me. 他企圖逃避給我幫助。He will do anything to get out of work. 為了逃避工作,他什麼事都幹得出來。
(2) 使說出(拿出等)。如:He tried to get money out of her. 他設法要她出錢。The police got the truth out of him. 警察迫使他說出了真話。
(3) 放棄,戒除,停止。如:You must get out of that bad habit. 你必須戒除那個壞習慣。He told me to get out of smoking. 他叫我戒煙。

12. get over
(1) 走過,越過,渡過。如:How can we get over the river? 我們怎樣過河?
(2) 克服,戰勝。如:She can’t get over her shyness. 她克服不了羞怯感。
(3) 恢復,痊癒。如:Have you got over your cold yet? 你的感冒好了沒有? He hasn’t got over her death. 他還在為她的死悲痛不已。

13. get through
(1) 做完,用完,吃完,看完。如:There’s a lot of work to get through. 有很多工作要做。He has got through all his money. 他的錢全用完了。I must get through the book before Saturday. 我必須在星期六以前看完這本書。
(2) 通過(考試),接通(電話),度過(時間)。如:Did you get through your driving test? 你的駕駛測驗通過了嗎? I tried to telephone you but couldn’t get through. 我設法給你打電話,但打不通。

14. get together 聚會,聯歡。
如:When can we get together? 我們什麼時候可以聚一聚? We’ll get together with him to discuss this problem. 我們要與他碰頭討論這個問題。

15. get up
(1) 起床,起身。如:I get up at six every morning. 我每天早上六點鐘起床。The class got up when the teacher came in. 老師進來時,全班學生都站起來。
(2) 打扮。如:She got herself up as a peasant girl. 她打扮成農家姑娘。
(3) 舉辦。如:We are getting up a party for he; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0pt; TEXr birthday. 我們要給她開個生日慶祝會。

16. get doing
(1) 繼續做某事。如:Get moving, please. (不要停下)請往前走。
(2) 開始做起某事來。如:Soon I got talking to her. 很快我就同她談起話來了。We got chatting and discovered that we’d been at college together. 我們聊起天來才發現我們原來在大學是同學。

17. get done
(1) 被……。如:He got caught for speeding. 他因超速而被抓住。Some glasses got broken when we were moving. 我們在搬家時有些玻璃杯被打破了。
(2) 處於某種狀態 Soon he got dressed and went out. 他很快穿好衣服出去了。Don’t get excited about it. 不要為此事激動。

18. get sb sth / get sth for sb sth / 為某人弄到某物。如:Let’s get them something to eat. 咱們先給他們弄點東西吃。Will you get me a ticket? / Will you get a ticket for me? 你能為我弄張票嗎?
19. get sb (sth) to . do sth 做某人(某事物)做某事。如:You must get them to come over here. 你必須想法讓他們到這兒來。He couldn’t get the car to start and went by bus. 他因無法發動車子,所以就乘公共汽車去。

20. get sb (sth) doing sth 使某人(某事物)(開始)起來。
如:What he said got us thinking. 他說話使我們思考起來。Can you get the clock going again? 你能讓這鐘重新走起來嗎?

21. get sth done 使某事被做。
如:Go and get your hair cut. 去把頭髮理了。
You must get the work done by Friday. 你必須最遲在星期五以前把工作做完。註:有時表示遭遇。如:He got his watch stolen. 他的表被偷了。
He got his fingers caught in the door. 他的手指讓門給夾住了。

22. get to do sth
(1) 開始做某事。如:I got to know him in 1995. 我是1995年認識他的。You’ll like her once you get to know her. 你一旦瞭解她你就喜歡她的。
(2) 有機會做某事,設法做成某事。如:He never got to go to college. 他從無機會上大學。He never got to go university.
How did you get to be captain? 你是怎樣當上船長的?



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