Idioms in Action
1. to not see eye to eye 看不對眼
2. a flash in the pan 曇花一現
3. when pigs fly 門兒都沒有
4. not one’s cup of tea 不合某人的胃口
5. homebody 居家之人
6. to wear many hats 身兼數職
7. to speak the same language 合得來
8. read my lips 仔細聽好
9. born yesterday 三歲小孩
10. blow one’s own horn 自吹自擂
1. A: This job is too easy for me. B: Would you stop ______ for a while?
2. A: You should never drive when you are drunk. B I know. I wasn’t ________.
3. A: Will you go to the night club with me? B: _____ I’ll never go to this kind of place again.
4. A: They seem to cooperate very well on this project. B: Yes, it’s like they ______.
5. A: Tom ________ in the school. B: No wonder he seems to be busy all the time.
6. A: She hardly steps outside when she’s off work. B: She’s a typical________.
7. A: Do you like politics? B: No, it’s _________.
8. A: Would you lend me one million dollars? B: Sure, I’ll lend you ________.
9. A: What do you think the new singer? B: She’s only _________.
10. A: Bob argues with Bill about almost everything. B: They just do ________.

A. not see eye to eye
B. a flash in the pan
C. when pigs fly
D. not my cup of tea
E. homebody
F. wears many hats
G. speak the same language
H. Read my lips
I. born yesterday
J. blow your own horn
1. J 2. I 3. H 4 G . 5. F 6. E 7. D 8. C 9. B 10. A


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