let alone, means not to mention; much less.是指更不用提;更別說的意思。

例如:Their ancestors had been dirt poor and never saw royalty, let alone hung around with them?


let go, means to cease to employ; dismiss.是指不再雇用;解雇的意思。

例如:I had to let 20 workers go.


let off on, means to cause to diminish, as in pressure; ease up on.是指降低,如壓力;緩和的意思。

例如:Let off on the gas so that we do not exceed the speed limit.


let (one's) hair down, means to drop one's reserve or inhibitions.是指消除某人的拘謹或壓抑的意思。

let up on, means to be or become more lenient with.是指較寬容地對待的意思。

例如:Why don't you let up on the poor child?



例如:Let's go swimming on Sunday.


Come on Mary, let's dance!


let the cat out of the bag,是指在不小心的情況下瀉露了秘密的意思。


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