1.run down 跑向 (down沒有"向下"的意思)
2.run around 1.跑來跑去,亂跑 2.和某人亂搞/有外遇(run around with sb)
3.run out of sth 用光,用完 ( 不能說finish這個字來代表"用光,用完"的意思)
4.run sth by so 把某事對某人講一遍
5.run into 遇到 碰到
ado 費力 麻煩
run around with sb 和某人亂搞/有外遇(have an affair with sb的意思)
be packed 擠得滿滿的( be crowded的意思)
Go figure! 真的沒想到(在這兒遇見你)啊!(你也可以說Imagine that!)
You bet! 當然! 一定! (也就是That's for sure的意思)
Attention, all passengers. This is your captain機長 speaking.
We are just passing over the northern shore of Copacabana. We should be touching down著陸at Tom Jobim International Airport in approximately 15 to 20 minutes for an on-time arrival.
Current weather is sunny with a few scattered clouds晴朗有雲 and the temperature is approximately 29 degrees celcious攝氏.
We are now coming up on Sugar Loaf, and on behalf of myself and the rest of the crew, I would like to thank you for flying with Peppy Airlines活力航空.


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