Turn 也有不少特殊的意思和用法,如:

Turn around 轉虧為盈
An economic turnaround經濟好轉

We aim for a quick turnover of stock in our stores.
Why does your company have such a rapid turnover of staff?
The faster your money is turned over, the more profit you make.

Turn out
1)關掉。turn out the light.
2)趕出,辭退。He was turned out of his job.
3)集合,出席。Vendors turned out in good numbers.廠商出席率很高。
4)結局,原來是。The sales turned out successfully.業務非常成功。

Turn up
1)開大,調高。turn up (the volume on) the radio.把收音機開響些。
2)翻起,折起。turn up the sleeves(or soil)捲起衣袖,翻土。
3)出現,重現。He turned up safe and sound.他安全無恙地出現了。
He turned up an hour later.他遲了一小時才露面。
4)查找,查閱。Turn up the dictionary if you cannot spell the word.拼不出來就查字典。

Turn down
1)調低,關小。turn down the radio(or the light)
2)拒絕。turn down a job.拒做一件工作/turn down an offer of help.拒絕接受幫助



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