against the grain 逆著潮流,與眾不同

accuse sb of doing 控告某人

all but 幾乎=almost;相當於

at large 一般的

attach to... 把...放在;對...賦予

be accustomed to 習慣於...

be applied to 被用於...

be at home in 熟悉

be committed to 致力於

by no means 決不

by one's own right by oneself

can't help but 不能防止做

cast off 拋棄

cater to 滿足...的需要

cling to 堅持

cope with 處理(=take care of,deal with,handle)

correspond to 與...相應

dedicate oneself to 致力於

deprive of 剝奪...

dispose of 處理,處置

every walk of life 各行各業

fall into 陷入,進入

first rank 一流的

follow one's lead 聽某人的話,跟某人行事

follow one's standpoint 從某人的立場

from one's point of view 從某人的觀點

get rid of 消除 tune 使和諧

give way to 讓步於

graze on (牛羊等)吃(草) common 有共性,有共同點

hold back 阻止

in addition to 除...外

in advance 預先

in favor of 傾向於

in harmony with 與...協調一致

in high gear 高速

in one's own right by oneself

in significant measure 在很大程度上

in so far as 再...的範圍內

in the strictest sense 在最嚴格的意義上

jibe with 與...一致

keep abreast with 跟上(keep up with)

make a tribute to 對...做貢獻

make an impact on 對...產生影響

make one's way to 轉向

make way for 讓步於

notwithstanding 雖然,儘管


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