look up 查閱
Why don't you look up the word in the dictionary?
I looked it up on the Internet and found this article.

look up to 人 將某人視為模範
Tom has always looked up to his older brother.

look up / down 往上 / 下看; 抬頭 / 低頭看
Don't look down if you're scared of heights. (你要是怕高就別往下看)
Everyone looked up at the plane.

look down on 人 瞧不起某人
Jessica often looks down on poor people.

look after... 照顧...
Peter has looked after his sick mother for ten years.

look into... 調查; 探究
The police are looking into the murder case.

look out (for...) 小心
Look out for cars when you cross the street.

look for... 尋找
I am looking for a new job.

look away 看向別處; 轉移目光
The shy girl looked away when the waiter tried to make eye contact.

look back (on...) 回顧; 回首
Looking back on the past five years, Ray realizes that he has wasted a lot of time.

look over... 看一遍
We didn't have time to look over the contract before signing it.

look forward to... 期待...
I look forward to seeing you again soon.


1. Could you look ______ my dog while I'm away on business?

2. I looked ______ his phone number in the phone book.

3. Rachel's father looks ______ on her boyfriend because he is just a taxi driver.

4. The manager promised to look ______ the problem as soon as possible.

5. I looked ______ your report and found several mistakes.

6. You should be careful about what you say because the children look ______ to you.

7. Nancy looked ______ when we walked past each other. I guess she's still angry with me.

8. We have been looking ______ to our trip to Las Vegas.

9. I looked everywhere ______ my cell phone, but I just couldn't find it.

10. Jay left his hometown when he was 15 and never looked ______ on his past.

11. You should always look ______ for people who envy your success.

12. Anthony was so focused on his homework that he didn't even look ______ when his mother got home.


1. after 2. up 3. down 4. into 5. over

6. up 7. away 8. forward 9. for 10. back

11. out 12. up



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