take on 承擔...角色/挑戰/責任

take off 脫下(衣服); 起飛; 起步

take in 收容...; 吸收; 攝取

take out 拿出去

take it out on 人 把氣出在某人身上

take away 拿走; 拿開

take over 接手; 接管

take up 佔用(時間, 空間等)

take down 抄下; 拿下


1. The food smells really bad. Please take it ________.

2. It's not my fault. Don't take it ________ on me.

3. The table takes ________ a huge amount of space in the living room.

4. He decided to take ________ the challenge of being a project manager.

5. Dan forgot to take the trash ________.

6. The children took ________ a stray puppy.

7. Did you take ________ the number of that restaurant?

8. Who is going to take ________ Rick's clients after he quits?

解答: 1. away 2. out 3. up 4. on 5. out 6. in 7. down 8. over



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