1. 欣賞大自然的風景 appreciate the scenery of nature
When traveling, I like to appreciate the scenery of nature.
2. 培養公德心 cultivate the public-mindedness
People should cultivate the public-mindedness because our society is getting indifferent.
3. 維持健康 maintain health
People over 65 should maintain their health for their bodies are getting weak.
4. 保護環境 protect the environment
For our next generations, people must protect the environment well.
5. 開拓視野 broaden the horizon
We broad the horizon by reading and traveling.
6. 開拓心胸 broaden the mind
Don't get upset! Just go outside and broaden your mind.
7. 調劑生活 make life pleasant
You need to know how to make your life pleasant.
8. 鬆散身心 relax oneself
After the exam, Joe relaxed himself.
9. 啟迪心靈 enlighten the mind
Reading the Bible helps to enlighten the mind.
10. 灌輸知識 impart knowledge into someone
My teacher always imparts his professional knowledge into every student.
11. 追求理想 seek after the ideal
When young, people always try to seek after the ideal.
12. 實現抱負 realize one’s ambition
After so many years of hard work, he still can not realize his ambition.
13. 守信用 keep one’s promise
Hey! You didn't keep your promise to buy me some new skirts.
14. 跟上時代 keep up with the times
Old coworker didn't keep up with the times, and they still write the report instead of typing it.
15. 欣賞古典文學 appreciate the classical literature
I love to study Chinese and appreciate the classical literature.
16. 學習吉他 learn guitar
I want to learn guitar and play songs.
17. 陶冶品德 cultivate the character
Parents play an important role in cultivating children's character.
18. 貢獻國家 contribute oneself to the country
Soldiers contribute themselves to the country.
19. 鍛鍊身體 strengthen the body
My friends love to work out in the gym and strengthen their bodies.
20. 缺乏休閒活動 lack recreations
Joe is always studying all day, and he really lacks recreations.
21. 作筆記 take notes
In class, students not only listen but also take notes.
22. 使用參考書 use reference books
Do you use reference books?
23. 關心社會 be concerned about/with the society
Father is deeply concerned about our society, especially the politics.
24. 服從校規 follow the rules of the school
Teachers ask students to follow the rules of the school all the time.
25. 盡身為學生的責任 fulfill one’s duty as a student
We are to fulfill our duty as a student because that's only what we can do.
26. 克服困難 overcome the difficulty
Whatever happens, you must overcome the difficulties.
27. 面臨困難 be faced/confronted with the difficulty
When confronted with the difficulty, try to figure it out on your own first.
28. 渡過困境 weather the storm
During the hard time, we should weather the storm shoulder by shoulder.
29. 走捷徑 cut the corner
we could cut the corner by going this way.
30. 量脈搏 feel/take the pulse
The nurse will take your pulse.
31. 開藥方 prescribe the medicine
The doctor will prescribe the medicine and the nurse will give it to you.
32. 堅守原則 stick to the principle
Though some people in our society are dishonest and mean, we still stick to the principle.
33. 注意衛生 emphasize the importance of hygiene
we cannot emphasize the importance of hygiene any more.
34. 亂丟垃圾 litter(scatter) garbage
That naughty boy usually litter garbage everywhere.
35. 美化環境 beautify the environment
People grow trees and plants to beautify the environment.
36. 種植樹木 grow trees
Growing trees is quite significant nowadays.
37. 防止污染 prevent the pollution
The government make laws to prevent the pollution.
38. 提升生活品質 promote the qualities of life
We work hard to promote the qualities of life.
39. 造成損害 do damage to
Your mean words did damage to this group.
40. 對…..有益 be beneficial to
Eating healthy food is beneficial to you.
41. 對…..有害 be harmful to;do harm to
Smoking and taking drugs are harmful to your bodies.
42. 任意停車 park the car at random
Don't park the car at random or you will be fined.
43. 製造噪音 make noise
Hey! How come you made a lot of noise last night?
44. 佔用人行道 occupy the sidewalk
Many businesses like to occupy the sidewalks keeping the pedestrians from going through.
45. 妨礙交通 hinder the traffic
There was a car accident happening this morning, which hinder the traffic.
46. 排放污煙、廢氣 belch smoke, exhaust, fume
Many old cars belch smoke, which lead to air pollution.
47. 造成不便 cause inconvenience
The road in still under construction and that does cause inconvenience.
48. 造成混亂 bring about the disorder
The storm stopped the planes from flying and that brought about the disorder in the airport.
49. 闖紅燈 run through the red light
The policeman stopped the man who ran through the red light.
50. 利用天橋(地下道) make use of the overpass(underpass)
When crossing the streets, one can make use of the overpass.
51. 查字典 consult the dictionary
When you don't know the meaning of words, you can consult the electronic dictionary.
52. 屏息 hold one’s breath
Hold your breath and don't make any noise.
53. 流淚 shed tears
I saw the mother dog shed tears while her baby dogs were run over.
54. 符合需要 meet the demand
We can meet your firm's demand.
55. 生根 take root
The horrible thoughts took deeply in his mind.
56. 產生結果 bear fruit
We will never bear fruit if we don't sow in the ground.
57. 打破沉默 break the ice
Let's break the ice by introducing ourselves.
58. 氣餒 lose heart
I am going to lose heart because I have lost the game for three times.
59. 振作 gather/pull oneself together (=take heart)
One must pull himself together first ,then others can help him.
60. 採取步驟 take steps;(= take measures)
The government should take some effective steps to stimulate the economy.
61. 緩和悲傷 ease the sorrow
We pray for the victims to ease their sorrow.
62. 承受負擔 bear/take the responsibility
The government should take the responsibility to take care of the needy.
63. 考慮到 make allowance for …;take … into account(consideration)
When hiring the new employees, the boss would like to take their talents into consideration.
64. 把握機會 seize the opportunity
I seized the opportunity to buy the new pot at half the price.
65. 跑腿 run an errand
Uncle Joe asked me to run an errand for him.
66. 樹立楷模 set a good example
May set a good example as a diligent and honest person.
67. 接受教育 receive education
Students in Taiwan have the obligation to receive education.
68. 提升生活的水準 raise the standard of living
We work hard to raise the standard of living.
69. 告辭 take one’s leave
Excuse me. I have to take my leave now.
70. 有很深的了解 have a deep understanding of …
My aunt had a deep understanding of the 228 memorial day.
71. 跟隨流行 follow the fashion
I don't like to follow the fashion.
72. 提錢 withdraw money
Mom withdrew some money in the bank last Monday.
73. 存錢 deposit money
People nowadays have no money to deposit.
74. 良心不安。 The conscience stirs.
Oh,my conscience stirs. I should never cheat on my wife agian.
75. 自立 be independent(=stand on one’s own)
Joe is very independent of his family. He lives outside and earns his own money.
76. 英文很好 have a good command of English
English teachers have a good command of English.
77. 有廣泛的知識 have a wide range of knowledge
that expert has a wide range of knowledge about the planets.
78. 喜愛藝術 have a great liking for arts
they have a great liking for arts
79. 扮演重要角色 play an important part(role)
Parenthood plays an important part in the growth of children.
80. 與…..聊天 have a chat with…..
I had a chat with Joe.
81. 有…..才能 have a talent for…..
He has a talent for music.
82. 選擇 make a choice
You have to make a choice. You can't have both of them.
83. 對…..有很大的影響 have a great influence on…..
The economic downturn has a great influence on the rate of jobless population.
84. 予人…..很深的印象 make a deep impression on…..
Osama’s speech makes a deep impression on me often.
85. 愚弄 make a fool of…..
We love to make a fool of the teacher.
86. 找藉口 make an excuse
Joe hates to work with people who like to make an excuse
87. 給人搭便車 give one a lift
I can give you a lift.
88. 打電話 give someone a ring
when you get there, give me a ring.
89. 冒險 take chances
I don't take chances to play the gambling.
90. 懷恨 bear grudge against someone
Your enemy bore grudge against Capitalism.
91. 牢記在心 bear/keep…..in mind
Keep my words in mind.
92. 板著臉 pull a long face
You seem to pull a long face. what's up?
93. 對…..充耳不聞 turn a deaf ear to …
Since he betrayed me, I have turned a deaf ear to his words.
94. 被開除 be dismissed from school
Joe was dismissed from school.
95. 生氣 be angry with (at) …
I was so angry that I almost smacked him down.
96. 負擔責任 assume the responsibility
The prime minister has to assume the responsibility.
97. 符合需要 serve the purpose
It just serves my purpose.
98. 變胖(變瘦) gain(put on) weight (lose weight)
Joe gained more weight than you.
99. 有道理 make sense
It doesn't make sense.
100. 寫日記(習慣) keep a diary
I keep a diary every day to note down my feelings and thoughts.
101. 盡己所能 do what one can
Do what you can to protect the world.
102. 擅長網球 be at home in tennis
Joe was at home in tennis before.
103. 郊遊 go on an outing
we enjoyed going on an outing.
104. 消磨時間 kill time
we play chess to kill time on holidays.
105. 增加生活的情趣 increase the pleasures of life
we eat out at times to increase the pleasures of life
106. 精神抖擻 be(feel) refreshed
I felt refreshed after taking a bath.
107. 解除緊張和焦慮 relieve the tension and anxiety
The old man told us a joke to relieve our tension and anxiety
108. 宣洩久積的情緒 release the pent-up feelings
Joe can't help crying releasing the pent-up feelings.
109. 游手好閒 fool around
I told the thug not to fool around here.
110. 準備考試 prepare for the examination
we hate to prepare for the examination.
111. 參加社團活動 take part in the club activities
Students prefer to take part in the club activities.
112. 無精打采 be listless
I did not sleep well last night so I look listless.
113. 精力充沛 be vigorous or energetic
I do the meditation every day to keep vigorous.
114. 防颱 guard against the typhoon
We must guard against the typhoon beforehand.
115. 逃避現實 escape the reality
Face the music! Don't escape the reality.
116. 達到目標 achieve the aim/goal
I finally achieved my goal.
117. 五育並重 lay equal emphasis on the Five Disciplines
My homeroom teacher laid equal emphasis on the Five Disciplines .
118. 感到無聊 feel(be) bored
119. 感到煩惱be worried, upset, (disturbed, bothered)
120. 感到刺激 be excited
121. 感到滿意 be pleased or satisfied
122. 感到失望 be disappointed
123. 感到振奮 be encouraged or inspired
I was encouraged to hear the good news.
124. 感到氣餒 be discouraged or frustrated
I was discouraged to know the fact.
125. 感到疲倦 be exhausted
126. 放棄理想 abandon the ideal
People sometimes abandon their ideals when they are grownup.
127. 奠定基礎 lay the foundation
Reading and thinking critically lay the foundation of being a philosopher.
128. 失去耐心 lose patience
We can't wait to know what's going on because we lost patience.
129. 進步 make progress
That boy makes progress every other day.
130. 失去連絡 lose track of …
I lost track of you ten years ago.
131. 保持連絡 keep in touch with …
After graduation, we still keep in touch with each other.
132. 誤入歧途 go astray
People born in poor families go astray easily.
133. 養成…..習慣 make it a rule + to VR(= form a habit of…)
Joe made it a rule to get up late.
134. 統一中國 reunify China
The KMT used to have the tendency to reunify China.
135. 出洋相(出醜) make a scene
I made a scene at the party last night.
136. 遇到交通阻塞 be caught in a traffic jam
we were caught in a traffic jam.
137. 給…..教訓 teach someone a lesson
we should teach the thug a lesson.
138. 改過自新 turn over a new leaf
the criminal has turned over a new leaf.
139. 引以為樂 take delight in …
father took delight in collecting antiques.
140. 予…..以打擊 deal a heavy blow to …
the economic downturn dealt a heavy blow to my company.
141. 予…..威脅 pose a threat to …
the economic downturn has posed a threat to my company's finance.
142. 取代 take the place of …
the cook used the beef to take the place of the pork.
143. 預作保留 make the reservation
Before going to the cafe, we made the reservation beforehand.
144. 使…..徹夜未眠 cost someone a sleepless night
the horrible movie cost me a sleepless night
145. 充滿喜悅 be filled with joy
Her eyes are filled with joy.
146. 背誦 learn…by heart
Joe learns everything by heart.
147. 鼓勵 encourage or inspire…
Mom inspired me to study hard.
148. 產生不同 make a great difference
If you focus on your study more often, it will make a great difference
149. 犯法 violate the law
Taking drugs violates the law.
150. 不遺餘力去… spare no efforts to + VR
we spared no efforts to make up for the victims.
151. 不辭辛勞去… take the pains to + VR
It took great pains to become a successful businessman.
152. 相信我的話 take my words for it
153. 過著幸福的生活 lead/live a happy life
Hereafter the prince and princess live a happy life for good.
154. 獲得成功 achieve success
Only if you work hard can you achieve success.
155. 指揮交通 direct the traffic
I like the policeman when he directs the traffic.
156. 量體溫 take one’s temperature
the nurse will take your temperature in 5 minutes.
157. 刀子很鋒利。 The knife cuts well.
158. 這小孩會看鐘。 The boy can tell the time.
159. 做髮型 do one’s hair
Mom goes to the beauty salon to do her hair.
160. 自己取飲食 help oneself to 物
Take it easy. Just help yourself to the food.
161. 勸人做 talk someone into V-ing
Mom always talks me into study harder and harder.
162. 陪伴我 keep me company
I want to go to the restroom. who can keep me company?
163. 想要… feel like + V-ing
I feel like eating out tonight.
164. 提交所得稅申報單 file one’s income tax return
My uncle need to file his income tax return tomorrow.
165. 說大話 talk big
he must talk big.
166. 居住於….. inhabit…=live in…=reside in
Polar bears usually inhabits the Arctic.
167. 在…取得平衡 strike a balance between…
Speaking of love affairs, people should strike a balance between rationality and emotion.
168. 重擊….. strike a blow at…
your speech really struck a blow at us.
169. 人花費時間或金錢 someone spend money/time
I spent 2 weeks doing the reports.
170. 事花費時間 something take time
Going to school took me 30 minutes.
171. 事花費金錢 something cost money
the DVD cost me 300 dollars.
172. 煮咖啡或茶 fix/make coffee or tea
Would you like me to fix some coffee for you?
173. 安全降落 make a perfect landing
The plane made a perfect landing
174. 開戶頭 open an account
I want to open an account for my mom.
175. 關閉戶頭 close an account
she wants to close her account in the bank.
176. 點菜 do the ordering
177. 靠右行走 keep to the right
When you walk, keep to the right.
178. 宣布獨立 declare independence
Taiwanese are willing to declare independence.
179. 做實驗 make an experiment
Father taught us to make an experiment.
180. 說再見 say good-bye to…
181. 創紀錄 set a record
Your performance set a record again.
182. 共享或分擔 share 物 with 人
I love to share my money with you.
183. 找人幫忙 ask a favor of someone = ask someone a favor
I would like to ask mom a favor.
184. 餐前禱告 say grace before a meal
Americans usually say grace before a meal .
185. 做運動 play sports = take exercise
we take exercise every Sunday.
186. 投票 cast votes/ballots
It is important to cast votes for your favorite candidates.
187. …..生效 … take effect
The rule will take effect next month.
188. 提出辭呈 tender/submit one’s resignation
The angry man submitted his resignation to the boss.
189. 開派對 throw/give/have/hold a party
we will throw a birthday party next week.
190. 劃火柴 strike a match
People nowadays don't strike a match to light their cigarettes.
191. 點燃香菸 light a cigarette
People nowadays use lighters to light their cigarettes
192. 發電報給….. send a wire/telegram to
the enemy sent a fake wire to us .
193. 東山再起 stage/make a comeback
we will wait until we can make a comeback.
194. 應門 answer the door
Someone is knocking at the door. Would you answer the door?
195. 接電話 answer a phone call
I have to answer a phone call.
196. 裝出一副…..模樣 assume a look/posture of…
She likes to assume a look of poor beggars.
197. 造成轟動 create/make a sensation
the books made a sensation.
198. 排名第十 rank 10th
I was ranked 10th in my class.
199. 領會文章的弦外之意 read between the lines
When reading the poems, you have to read between the lines.
200. 清一清喉嚨 clear one’s throat
Before giving a speech, Mr. Chen often clears his throat.


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