Like or not,不管你欣賞或不欣賞,西方職場充滿了各種片語。他們不講「開始」一個專案,而用get a project off the ground;不說「聯絡你」,而用touch base。今天一起來看看幾個道地的美式說法。
例句:Mike is a hands-off manager. He lets me do what I want as long as I meet my project goals.
有hands-off就有hands-on。Hands-on 意思是「實際的」(但是on-hand的意思是「可取得」)。
例句:Hands-on experience is not needed for the job.(這份工作不需要實際經驗。)
Touch base with
Base就是基地,或基礎。To touch base的意思就是把某一件事的情況告訴有關的人,來自美國的棒球運動。但是,它已經成為一個經常商業用語了。意思是跟相關人員聯繫。
例句: You have a good credit record and I think we can okay the loan. But I do have to touch base with the head of our loan department for his okay. I'll try to phone you tomorrow.(你的信用紀錄很好,我們應該可以同意這項貸款。但我還是得和總部借貸部主管聯繫。我明天會打電話給你。)
Carry the ball
這個片語意思是負責或擔任主要任務(to be responsible or to be in charge)。這句話是從球賽而來,因為在許多球賽(ball game)裡,最重要的人,就是當時拿到球的人。後來這句話引用到其他領域,凡是手中有球的人,就是負責主要任務者。
例句:We need someone who knows how to get the job done. Hey, Sally! Why don't you carry the ball for us? John can't carry the ball. He isn't organized enough.(我們需要完成這項工作,莎莉,你來負責這件事吧。約翰沒辦法,他不夠有組織。)
In the know
例句:Not too many people are in the know about this project.(不是太多人知道這個專案。)
知道一些不為人知的秘密,也可以用in the know。
例句:He is in the know as far as the office affairs are concerned.(辦公室發生的事他都知道。)
word of mouth/by word of mouth
Word of mouth就是我們常說的「口碑」。By word of mouth是指人們經由一傳十,十傳百的口傳方式得知某件事,也就是藉著口耳相傳,大家告訴大家的意思。
A:This restaurant is so small, but it's always crowded. How did you find out about it?(那家餐廳很小,但總是客滿。你怎麼知道它的?)
B:I heard by word of mouth that they had great food.(我聽說這裡餐點不錯。)
Here you go 與 There you go
Here you go. 是指給別人東西時說:「這就是你要的。」;有時也表示意見與對方一致,有時又與 There you go. 互用:
例句:The cashier said, "Here you go!" when she gave me the change.(當店員找我零錢時,她說:「這是找你的錢!」)
注意,差一個字,意思就不一樣,你說Here you go again. 意思是「你又舊事重提了」。
例句:Here he goes again, complaining about his boss.(他又在埋怨他的老闆了。)

Source: 世界公民文化中心


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