單字 同義字詞 詞性 中文含義
a handful of a few n. 小撮;一把
a setback to a check to the progress of n. 挫折;障礙
abandon give up v. 放棄;拋棄
abandon give up v. 放棄;拋棄
abbreviate short v. 縮寫;節略
abhorrent distasteful a. 討厭的;不合口味的
abiding enduring a. 持續的;永久的
ablaze radiant a. 閃耀的;絢麗的
abnormally exceptionally ad. 反常地;異常地
abolish eliminate v. 取消;廢除
abound in be full of v. 充滿;盛滿
abroad in the foreign countries ad. 在國外;到國外
abroad in other countries ad. 在國外;到國外
abrupt sudden a. 突然的;意外的
abruptly suddenly ad. 突然地;意外地
abruptly suddenly ad. 突然地;意外地
abruptly suddenly ad. 突然地;意外地
absentminded forgetful a. 心不在焉的
abstract summary n. 摘要 , 概括
abundant plentiful a. 豐富的 ; 充裕的
abundant plentiful a. 大量的
abundantly in great numbers ad. 充裕地 ;大量地
abundantly generously ad. 充裕地 ; 大量地
academy school n. 中等學校 ; 專科院校
accede with agree to v. 同意 ; 應允
accelerate increase v. 加速;加大
accelerate speed up v. 加速 ; 加快
accept permitted v. 接受 ; 認可
access admittance to n. 進入 ; 接近
accessible available ; reachable a. 易得到的 ; 易接近的
acclaim praise v. 歡呼 ; 喝采
acclaim recognition n. 承認 ; 公認
accommodate handle v. 容納 ; 運營
accommodation lodging n. 招待設備 ; 膳宿供應
accompany join ; travel with v. 伴隨 ; 陪同
accordingly consequently ; hence ad. 因此
account explain v. 解釋;說明
account for explain v. 解釋 ; 說明
account for comprise v. 構成 ; 達到
accretion accumulation n. 增加 ; 累積
accumulate collect ; build up ; pile up v. 累積;積聚
accurate exact a. 精確的 ; 準確的
accustom to used to v. 習慣於
ache hurt v. 刺痛 ; 損傷
achievement accomplishment n. 成就 ; 成績
acid harsh a. 尖刻的 ; 刺耳的
acquaint with informed about v. 瞭解 ; 認識
acquire obtained v. 獲得 ; 取得
acrid bitter a. 辛辣的 ; 苦澀的
acrimonious bitter a. 刻毒的 ; 厲害的
actively vigorously ad. 積極地 ; 主動地
actually really ad. 實際上 ; 事實上
actuate set in motion v. 啟動 ; 激勵
acute critical a. 尖銳的
acutely keenly ad. 敏銳地 ; 強烈地
adapt alter ; change v. 變化 ; 適應
adaptation modification n. 改變 ; 變化
addition besides n. 此外 ; 並且
address speech n. 演說 ; 致辭
adequate sufficient a. 充分的 ; 足夠的
adhere stick v. 黏附;膠著
adherent follower n. 信徒 ; 追隨者
adjacent near;nearby a. 鄰近的 ; 毗鄰的
adjoining neighboring a. 毗鄰的 ; 鄰近的
adjunct addition n. 附加物
adjunct to addition to n. 附屬物 ; 附加物
administered managed v. 管理
admire esteem v. 羨慕 ; 欽佩
adopt enact v. 採用 ; 正式透過
adorn decorate v. 裝飾
adornment embellishment n. 裝飾 ; 裝飾品
adult mature a. 成熟的 ; 成年的
advantage make use of n. 利用
advent arrival n. 出現 ; 到來
adverse negative a. 相反的 ; 不利的
adversely negatively ; detrimentally ad. 不利地;有害地
advocate proponent n. 倡導者;辯護者
advocate speak in favor of v. 提倡 ; 倡議
aesthetically artistically ad. 審美地;美學地
affection fondness n. 慈愛 ; 鍾愛
affectionately lovingly ad. 充滿深情地 ; 親切地
affliction problem n. 折磨 ; 苦惱
affluence wealth n. 富裕 ; 豐富
affluent wealthy a. 富裕的
afford provide v. 提供
affordable a. 負擔得起的
aggressive combative a. 好鬥的
agrarian agricultural a. 農業的 ; 耕地的
ahead of preceding prep. 在…之前;在…前面
ahead of in front of prep. 在…之前;在…前面
aid help v. 幫助 ; 援助
aided helped v. 幫助
ailment disease n. 疾病
aim goal ; objective n. 目標 ; 目的
airborne aloft a. 空中的 ; 飛行的
alarm frightened v. 驚恐 ; 警覺
alert wary a. 機敏的
all everywhere ad. 到處 ; 遍及
allegiance loyalty n. 忠誠 ; 忠心
alliance association n. 聯盟 ; 同盟
allocate distribute v. 分派 ; 配給
allocate awarded v. 分派 ; 配給
alloy mixed v./n. v.熔合 n.合金
alloy blend v./n. v.熔合 n.合金
alluded to suggested v. 暗示 ; 提到
almost nearly ; practically ; nearly ad. 幾乎 ; 差不多
aloft in flight ad. 在高處 ; 飛行中
alongside next to ad. 傍靠 ; 緊靠
aloof from separate from a. 遠離的 ; 分隔的
alter change v. 改變;調整
alter change ; modify ; adjust v. 改變 ; 變化 ; 調整
alteration renovation n. 翻新 ; 整修
alternately one after another ad. 輪流地;交替地
alternative option ; substitute n. 替代;替代物
alternative to substitute for n. 替代 ; 替代物
altitude elevation n. 海拔 ; 高度
altogether completely ad. 完全地
amateur nonprofessional n. 業餘愛好者 ; 非專業人員
ambiguous a. 模糊的
ambition goal n. 野心 ; 抱負 ; 目標
ambitious enterprising a. 有野心的 ; 有抱負的
ambivalence conflicting feeling n. 矛盾心理 ; 猶豫不決
amenity comfort n. 舒適 ; 安逸
amount quantity n. 數量 ; 數額
an impetus to an incentive to n. 刺激;推展
analogy parallel n. 類似 ; 比擬
ancestor forefather n. 祖先 ; 祖宗
anchor secure v. 弄牢 ; 固定
ancient old a. 古老的 ; 古代的
ancillary secondary a. 附屬的;輔助的
anguished tormented a. 痛苦的 ; 苦惱的
annals chronicle n. 編年史 ; 紀年表
annihilate conquer v. 消滅;征服
annoying irritating a. 惱人的 ; 討厭的
annual yearly a. 每年的 ; 年度的
annually yearly ad. 每年 ; 年度
anonymous unknown ; nameless a. 無名的 ; 匿名的
antagonist enemy n. 對手;敵人
antagonistic quarreling a. 敵對的;對抗的
antecedent predecessor n. 先輩
anthem song n. 國歌 ; 聖歌
anticipate look forward to v. 期待;盼望
anticipate expect v. 期待 ; 預期
antique old a. 古式的 ; 舊式的
anxious eager a. 渴望的 ; 焦慮的
apace with as fast as 快速的
apathetic uninvolved a. 漠然的 ; 冷淡的
apparel clothes n. 衣服 ; 服飾
apparent obvious a. 明顯的
apparently seemingly ad. 似乎 ; 好像
appeal challenge v. 上訴 ; 挑戰
appealing attractive a. 有感染力的 ; 吸引人的
appealing attractive a. 吸引人的
appear seem v. 似乎;好像
applaud clap v. 鼓掌 ; 喝采
application use n. 應用 ; 使用
apply used for v. 應用;適用
appoint designate v. 選派 ; 任命
appreciate admire v. 鑑賞 ; 賞識
appreciated recognized v. 賞識
appreciation recognition n. 鑑賞;鑑別
approach near v. 靠近 ; 接近
appropriate suitable a. 適當的 ; 適宜的
appropriation founding n. 撥款 ; 專款
approximately about ad. 近似 ; 大約
apt appropriate a. 貼切的 ; 恰當的
aptly appropriately ; fittingly ad. 適當地
aquatic marine a. 水生的
arable a. 可耕種的
arbitrarily randomly ad. 任意地 ; 專橫地
arboreal tree-dwelling a. 樹木的 ; 樹棲的
ardent passionate a. 熱心的 ; 熱情的
arduous difficult ; laborious a. 艱巨的;艱苦的
arid dry a. 乾旱的 ; 乾枯的
aromatic fragrant a. 芳香的 ; 芬芳的
arouse provoke ; excite ; stimulate v. 喚起 ; 激發
arrange put together ; plan v. 安排 ; 整理
array collection n. 批量 ; 大量
arrive reach v. 抵達 ; 達到
article object n. 物品,物體
artifact v. 文物
artificial synthetic a. 人工的 ; 合成的
as a result of because of 由於;因為
as a substitute for in place of v.代替;n.替代物
as well as in addition of ad. 也;又
ascend climb v. 攀升;升高
ascertain determine v. 查明 ; 確定
ask request v. 詢問;請求
asphyxiation suffocation n. 窒息
aspiration ambition n. 志氣;抱負
assemble gather v. 裝配;組合
assemble bring together v. 裝配;組合
assemble put together v. 裝配;組合
assembly gathering n. 集合;集會
assert emphatically state v. 宣稱;斷言
assess evaluate v. 評估
asset advantage n. 優點;長處
assiduous diligent a. 勤勉的;不倦的
assist help ; aid v. 幫助;援助
associate connect v. 聯合;聯繫
assortment variety n. 形形色色;各式各樣
assumption belief ; supposition n. 設想;假定
assuredly certainly ad. 無疑地;確信地
astonishing astounding ; amazing a. 驚人的;震驚的
astute cleaver a. 機敏的
at bay under control
at home comfortable a.
at once immediately ad. 立即;馬上
atmosphere air n. 大氣;空氣
attach fasten v. 依附;黏結
attachment preference for n. 依戀;偏好
attain achieve ; reach v. 達到
attempt effort v./n. v. 嘗試 n. 努力
attend present v. 出席;參加
attendant accompanying n. 服務生
attire dress ; clothing n. 衣著;盛裝
attractive appealing a. 吸引人的;有感染力的
attribute credit v. 被認為;被鑑定
attribute characteristic n. 品性 ; 屬性
attribute to testify as v./n. 被認為;被鑑定為 
auditory hearing a. 耳的, 聽覺的
austere severe a. 嚴格的 ; 嚴厲的
authentically genuinely ad. 真正地;地道地
authorize empower v. 授權;批准
automatically involuntarily ad. 自動地;無意識地
autonomous independent a. 獨立的;自主的
autonomy independence n. 自治;自主
autumn fall n. 秋季;秋天
avail make use v. 有用
available obtainable a. 可得到的;可利用的
avaricious greedy a. 貪心的;貪婪的
avert avoid ; prevent v. 擋開;防止
aviator pilot n. 飛行員
avid eager a. 渴望的;熱心的
award present with v. 授予;給予
awe wonder n. 敬畏;畏懼
awesome amazing a. 令人敬畏的;令人驚奇的
bachelor unmarried man n. 未婚男子
backbone spine n. 脊骨;脊柱
backlog accumulation n. 積壓的工作
baffle perplex to n. 迷惑;困惑
balance equilibrium n. 平衡;均衡
balmy mild a. 溫和的;宜人的
ban prohibit ; forbid v. 禁止;阻止
band form groups n./v. n.條紋,帶;v.聯合;結合
band stripe n./v. n.條紋,帶;v.聯合;結合
banish exile v. 流放;放逐
bark outer covering n. 樹皮;莖皮
barren infertile a. 貧瘠的;不毛的
barrier to obstacle to n. 障礙;妨礙
barter trade v. 易貨貿易;以物易物
base center of operation n. 基地
basically fundamentally ad. 基本地;主要地
battle struggle v./n. v./n.戰鬥;鬥爭
battle fight(fought) v./n. v./n.戰鬥;鬥爭
be committed to be dedicated to v. 交付;獻身
be fond of like a. 喜愛;愛好
be fraught with charge with a. 充滿
be fraught with full of a.
be penalized for be punished for v. 處罰
be preoccupied with engrossed in a. 出神的;全神貫注的
bead drop n. 水珠;水滴
beam ray n. 光束;光線
bear assume ; support ; carry v. 承擔;支撐
bear(bore) carry v. 承擔;支撐
beat(beaten) whip v. 攪打;攪拌
become tarnished lost its luster v. 失去光澤;變暗淡
bedridden confined to bed a. 臥床不起的
bedrock foundation n. 基石;基礎
begin commence v. 開始;著手
behavior conduct n. 行為;舉止
behind to the rear of prep. 在...後面
behold view v. 觀看;注視
belong to be owned by v. 屬於;附屬
beneath below prep. 在..下方;在..之下
beneficial advantageous a. 有利的;有益的
benefit n. 利益
besides in addition to prep. 除此之外
best most highly ad. 最佳地;最高地
better improve v. 改善;促進
beverage drink n. 飲料
beyond outside prep. 在...之外
bias prejudice n. 偏見;嗜好
big large a. 大的;巨大
bind tie ; join v. 捆;綁;使結合
biography accounts of people's lives n. 傳記
biological living a. 生物的;活的
birth beginning n. 誕生;起源
bit somewhat n. 一點;一些
bizarrely oddly ad. 異乎尋常地;希奇古怪地
blaze burn brightly v. 燃燒;閃耀
bleach whiten v. 漂白;曬白
bleak desolate a. 淒涼的;慘淡的
blend combine v. 混合;融合
blink shut their eyes briefly v. 眨眼;閃爍
blunder mistake n. 錯誤;大錯
blunt dull a. 不鋒利的;鈍的
blurred indistinct a. 模糊的;(v.弄糊塗 blur )
boast brag n./v. 誇口;自恃
boast claim n./v. 誇口;自恃
boat ship n. 小船;小艇
boldly daringly ad. 大膽地;勇敢地
bond link n. 結合物;黏結劑
boost raise v. 提升;提升
boosted raised v. 提升,推進
bore drill v. 鑽孔;打眼
bothersome irritating a. 麻煩的;討厭的
bothersome annoying a. 麻煩的;討厭的
bottom floor n. 底部;底
bound limit n. 範圍;界限
bound constraint n. 範圍;界限
bound held v. 限制
boundary border n. 邊界;分界線
boundless infinite a. 無邊的;無限的
brag boast n./v. 誇口;吹牛
branch division n. 部門;分支
brave courageous a. 勇敢的;英勇的
brawl fight n. 吵架;喧嚷
breach violation n. 違反;破壞
break departure from n. 決裂;破裂
break apart split ad. 分裂 ; 分離
break out begin v. 爆發;突然發生
break up separate v. 分裂;破碎
breakdown of itemization of n. 細目;分類帳
breathtaking exciting a. 動人的;驚險的
breathtaking stunning a. 動人的;驚險的
breed reproduce v. 繁殖
brevity conciseness n. 簡潔;精練
bricklayer mason n. 砌磚工;泥瓦工
brief short a. 短暫的;短期的
brief look glance n. 瞥視;瀏覽
brightness radiance n. 光亮;明亮
brilliantly brightly ad. 鮮明地;明亮地
bring about induce ; cause v. 造成;帶來
briskly energetically ad. 輕快地
brittle breakable a. 易碎的;脆弱的
brittle easily broken a. 易碎的
broach bring up v. 首次宣佈;提出討論
broad wide a. 寬的;闊的;廣泛的;概括的
broad general a. 寬的;闊的;廣泛的;概括的
broaden widened v. 加寬;拓寬
broadly liberally ad. 廣義地;概括地
brochure pamphlet n. 小冊子;手冊
bruise damage v. 碰傷;擦傷
bulk most n. 大部分;大多數
bulk majority n. 大部分;大多數
burglary theft n. 夜盜;盜賊
bury embed v. 埋葬;埋藏
busy in use a. 忙碌的;佔用的
by and large on the whole ad. 整體來看;一般說來
by chance accidentally ad. 意外地;突然地
by-product derivative n. 副產品;派生物
by-product from derivative of n. 副產品;派生物
byword epithet n. 綽號;渾名
calculate determine v. 計算;確定
caliber quality n. 才能;品性
call for require v. 要求;需要
call off cancel v. 取消;放棄
calmly quietly ad. 平靜地;沈著地
came to the forefront became impotant
camouflage conceal v. 掩飾;隱瞞
capacity ability n. 能力;接受力
capital money n. 資本;資金
caption title n. 標題;解說詞
capture caught v. 捕捉;捕獲
care attention n. 照管;管理
career profession ; vocation n. 頭班;生涯
carnivore n. 肉食性動物
carnivorous a. 肉食性的
carried on continued v. 繼續
carry support v. 支撐;支援
carve v. 切割
cast project v. 投射;投影
catastrophe disaster n. 大災難;大變動
catastrophic a. 災難性的
categorize classify v. 歸類;分類
category group n. 類別;範疇
caution warn v. 警告;告戒
cave cavern n. 山洞;洞穴
cease stop v. 停止;結束
celebrate praise v. 讚美;歌頌
celebrated distinguished ; famous a. 著名的;馳名的
celebratory full of praise n. 稱揚
celestial astronomical a. 天空的;天上的
cement bond v. 黏結;膠合
cement stick v. 黏結;膠合
census population count n. 人口普查
centennial hundredth anniversary n. 100週年紀念
champion advocate n. 提倡者;擁護者
chance unplanned a. 偶然的;碰巧的
changeover from conversion from n. 改變;交換
character nature n. 品性;性格
characteristic distinguishing feature n. 特徵;特色
characteristic distinctive a. 特有的;獨特的
characteristically typically ad. 獨有地;獨特地
characteristics qualities n. 性質,特性
charge attack v. 襲擊;攻擊
chatterbox incessant talker n. 話匣子;饒舌者
cheap inexpensive a. 便宜的;廉價的
check control v. 抑制;制止
chiefly mainly ; principally ad. 主要地;尤其
chill cool v. 冷凍;冷卻
chisel carve v. 鑿 ; 雕琢
choice selection n. 挑選;選擇
chronically persistently ad. 長期地;經常地
chronicle describe v. 記述
chronologically according to a time sequence ad. 按時間順序
chubby plump a. 肥胖的;豐滿的
circuitous indirect a. 迂迴的
cite refer to ; mention v. 引證;引用
clamor for loudly demand v. 喧鬧;叫嚷
clasp hold v. 緊握;抓住
classify categorize v. 分類
clean empty v. 清掃;打掃
clear unobstructed a. 暢通的;無阻的
clear away move v. 清楚;搬走
climate weather condition n. 氣候
climax of high point in n. 尖峰;頂峰
cling to hold fast to ; stick to v. 黏著;纏住
clinging close-fitting a. 緊身的;貼緊的
clip trim v. 修剪;剪去
clog congest v. 阻塞;填塞
cloth fabric n. 織物;衣料
club association n. 俱樂部;社團
clue information n. 線索;訊息
clump bunch n. 樹叢;樹簇
cluster group v. 成群
coagulate clot v. 凝結;混凝
coalition alliance n. 聯盟;聯合
coarse rough ; crude a. 粗糙的
coat fur n. 皮毛
coat cover v./n. 掩蓋
coherent logical a. 有邏輯的;一致的
coin create ; invent v. 創造;杜撰
coincide with  collide with v. 巧合;一致
coincide with happen at the same time ad. 同時
collaborate work jointly v. 協作;合作
collaborate work together v. 協作;合作
collapse v. 崩潰
colleague fellow worker n. 同事;同僚
collective group n. 集體
collectively together ad. 共同地
collide with bump into v. 衝撞;撞擊
collision crash n. 碰撞;撞擊
colloquial conversational a. 會話的;口語的
colonize settle v. 殖民;定居
colony group n. 集群;群體 ; 殖民地
colossal huge ; vast a. 巨大的
combat fight v. 戰鬥;鬥爭
combine blend v. 結合;兼有
combust burn v. 燃燒
come down with contract v. 得病
come of age establish itself v. 達到法定年齡;確立自身地位
come through be written v. 完成;成功
come to regain consciousness v. 甦醒;恢復
come up with propose v. 提出;產生
comic funny a. 滑稽的;好笑的
command mastery n. 掌握;控制
commanding forceful a. 威嚴的;堅強的
commensurate with proportionate to a. 相當的;相稱的
comment remark n. 評論;評註
commercial business a. 商業的;商務的
commodity article of trade n. 商品;日用品
commonly frequently ad. 通常地;經常地
commonplace ordinary ; average a. 平凡的;普通的
communal cooperative a. 合作的;社區的
compact compress v. 壓縮;壓實
comparable equivalent a. 可比的;相當的
comparably similarly ad. 可比地;相當地
compel force v. 強製;強迫
compelling powerful a.
compensate reimburse v. 賠償;補償
competent capable a. 有能力的;能勝任的
competently adeptly ad. 熟練地;內行地
competition rivalry n. 競爭;比賽
compile gather v. 蒐集;彙編
complacency lack of concern n. 自滿
completely entirely ad. 完全地;十足地
complex involved a. 複雜的;綜合的
comply with conform to v. 遵守;服從
component part ; element n. 成分;部分
compose write v. 創作;作曲
composition makeup ; content n. 構成;組成
comprehensible understandable a. 能理解的
comprise constitute ; consist of ; make up v. 包含;包括
compulsory mandatory a. 強製的;義務的
computation calculation n. 計算;估計
compute calculate v. 計算;估計
concealed covered a. 隱藏著的
conceive design ; imagine v. 設想;構想
concentrate cluster v. 集中;積聚
concentrate focus on v. 集中;貫注
concentration accumulation n. 集中;聚集
concise brief a. 簡明的;扼要的
concisely succinctly ad. 簡明地;簡潔地
conclusion end n. 結束;結尾
conclusive definitive a. 最後的
concoct devise v. 製造;策劃
concomitant with in conjunction with ad. 協同
concrete specific a. 具體的;特定的
concur agree v. 贊成;一致
concur in unite in v. 贊成;一致
condemnation blame n. 譴責
conduct behavior n. 行為;品行
confederate ally n. 同盟者;同夥
confer consult v. 協商
confer on award to v. 授予
configuration arrangement n. 架構;形狀
confine limit ; restrict v. 限制;侷限
confirm uphold v. 證實;確認
confirm verify v. 證實
conflicting opposing ; incompatible a. 衝突的;牴觸的
conform meet v. 一致;符合
confound bewilder v. 混淆;混亂
congenital present at birth a. 先天的;天生的
congest crowd v. 擁擠;積聚
conglomerate assortment n. 密集體;集成物
congregate assemble ; gather v. 聚集;集合
conjectural based on guessing a. 猜測的;推測的
conscientiously diligently ad. 謹慎地;精心地
consciously intentionally ad. 自覺地;有意識地
consecutive successive a. 連貫的;連續地
consequence ramification n. 結果;後果
consequently accordingly ; hence ad. 因此
conserve store ; save v. 儲存;保護
consider regard as v. 認為;看作
considerable large ; substantial ; much a. 很重要的;很大的
considerably a great deal ad. 相當大地;很大地
considerate thoughtful a. 體諒的;關心的
consist of be made up v. 由...組成
consistent constant a. 持續的
consistently regularly ad. 一致地;始終地
consorted associated v. 結交
conspicuous noticeable ; obvious a. 顯著的
constantly continuously ad. 不斷地;經常地
constituent component n. 成分;要素
constituent districts' voter ; component n. 選民;委託人;成分;要素
constitute make up v. 構成;組成
constrain inhibit v. 強製;抑制
constraint limitation n. 約束;限制
constrict contract v. 收縮;阻塞
consume eat v. 消費;吃
consumption eat n. 消費;消耗
contaminate infect v. 污染;感染
contamination pollution n. 污染;沾染
contemporary existing ; modern a. 當代的;現有的
contemporary written at that time n. 同時代
contention controversy n. 爭論;論戰
contest competition n. 比賽;競賽
context settings n. 事件的背景 ; 情境
continuously without interruption ad. 連續地;不斷地
contradictory opposing a. 矛盾的;對立的
contrariwise opposite ad. 相反地;對立地
contrary to in conflict with a. 相反的;對立的
contrast n. 對比 ; 反差
contrive devise v. 設計;造出
convene meet v. 集合;集會
conventional traditional a. 常規的;道統的
convergence gathering n. 聚集
convert change v. 轉變;變換
converted changed v. 轉變
convey transport ; communicate v. 傳送;傳播
coordinate integrate v. 協調;配合
copious plentiful a. 豐富的;大量的
cordial pleasant a. 親切的;愉快的
core center n. 核心;中心
correct accurate a. 正確的;準確的
correctly properly ad. 正確地;恰當地
correspondingly similarly ad. 相應地;對應地
corroborate confirm v. 確證;證實
corrode wear(worn) away v. 鏽蝕;磨損
corrugate wrinkle v. 使起皺摺
costly expensive a. 昂貴的;豪華的
contentious disputed a. 好爭吵的 ; 愛爭論的
couch express v. 表達;表述
count weigh v. 有價值;有份量
count on trust ; rely v. 依靠
counteract negate v. 抵消;反作用
counterpart version n. 複本;對應物
countless innumerable ; many a. 無數的;許多的
country nation n. 國家;國土
couple pair n. 對;雙
couple with in addition to ; combine with v. 加上
courteous polite a. 有禮貌的;謙恭的
coverage reportage n. 新聞報導
cozy comfortable a. 舒服的;舒適的
craft n. 手藝
cramped confining a. 狹窄的
create bring about v. 引起;產生
creek stream n. 小河;小川
creep move slowly ; crawl v. 蠕動;爬行
criminal gangster n. 罪犯;歹徒
crisscross move back and forth v. 穿梭;交錯往來
critical crucial ; important a. 關鍵性的;決定性的
critical judge of fine arts connoisseur n. 鑑賞家;評論家
cross one's mind occur to sb. v. 想到;腦中閃現
crossroad central meeting place n. 聚會中心地點
crouch v. 蹲下
crucial important a. 重要的
crude roughly made ; unprocessed a. 粗製的;天然的;未加工的
cue n. 線索 ; 信號
cultivate grow v. 栽培;在農地工作
culture civilization n. 文化;衣冠文物
cumbersome burdensome ; bulky a. 麻煩的;笨重的
cunning cleverness n. 狡猾;狡詐
curative healing a. 治病的;療效的
curb inhibit v. 控制;約束
curiously oddly ad. 稀奇地;奇妙地
currency money n. 通貨;貨幣
cursory a. 草率的 ; 粗略的
custom practice n. 風俗;習慣
customer patron n. 主顧;顧客
cut reduce v. 降低;
cut down reduce v. 削減
dam block v. 築壩;修堤 ; 阻擋
damage harm n. 損害;破壞
damaging harmful a. 有害的;不利的
dampen moisten v. 使潮濕
dank unpleasantly humid a. 潮濕的;陰濕的
daring bold a. 勇敢的;大膽的
dawn beginning n. 初始;開端
dazzling brilliant a. 眩惑的;眼花撩亂的
deadlock impasse n. 僵持;僵局
deal with cope ; contend with v. 處理;應付
debate discussion ; argument v. 討論;辯論
decay decompose v. 腐爛;變質
decelerate decrease the speed of v. 減速;降速
deceptive misleading a. 欺騙的;虛偽的
deceptively misleadingly ad. 騙人地;虛偽地
decimation destruction n. 每十個殺ㄧ個 ; 多數的殺害
decipher decode v. 破譯;譯解
decline refuse v. 拒絕;謝絕
declivity downward slope n. 斜坡;傾斜
decorate v. 裝潢 ; 佈置
decree order v. 頒佈;規定
deem regard as v. 認為;相信
deep profound a. 深刻的;深切的
defeat conquer v. 戰勝;擊敗
defer delay v. 延遲;延期;
defer yield v. 順從;遵從
definite fix a. 明確的;規定的
definitely clearly ad. 確定地;明確地
deflect deviate ; divert v. 使偏離;使轉向
defraud cheat v. 欺騙;搾取
deft skilled a. 熟練的;靈巧的
deftly skillfully ad. 熟練地;靈巧地
dehydrate dry v. 使脫水;使乾燥
deity god n. 神
delegate representative n. 代表
delete remove from v. 刪除;消去
delete remove from v.
deleteriously adversely ad. 不利地;有害地
deliberate careful a. 審慎的;仔細的
deliberately intentionally ad. 蓄意地;審慎地
delicate fragile a. 脆弱的;嬌嫩的
delicately carefully ad. 精緻地;審慎地
delineate portray v. 描繪;描述
deluge flood n. 洪水;豪雨
demand require v. 要求;需求
demise disappearance n. 滅亡;死亡
demise death n. 死亡
demolition destruction n. 拆除;破壞
demonstrate show v. 表明;證實
demonstration proof n. 論證;證明
denote signify v. 表示;指示
dense thick ; crowded ; compact a. 稠密的;濃濃的
densely thickly ad. 緊密地;稠密地
depend on be determined by v. 依靠;倚賴
depict portray v. 描繪;描述
deplete exhaust v. 竭盡;用盡
deplore lament v. 哀嘆;痛惜
deposit lay v. 放置;產卵
depress lower v. 壓低;使沮喪
deprive deny v. 剝奪;使喪失
derive obtain v. 得到
derived from based on v. 基於
descent ancestry n. 血統;世系
deserted devoid a. 虛無的
design pattern n. 式樣;圖案
desolate barren a. 荒蕪的;荒涼的
destitute impoverished a. 貧困的;赤貧的
detect uncover v. 查明;查出
detectable measurable ; apparent a. 可察覺的;易發現的
detecting finding v. 探測
deter from keep from ; inhibit v. 阻止;阻攔
deteriorate become worse v. 惡化;變質
determine fix v. 決定;確定
determine evaluate ; calculate v. 評估 ; 計算
detrimental damaging ; harmful a. 不利的;有害的
devastated ruined ; ravaged a. 毀壞的;被破壞的
developing evolving a. 發展的;演化的
device apparatus ; mechanism ; instrument n. 裝置;設備
devise create v. 設計;發明
devoid free of ; empty a. 缺乏;沒有
devote reserve for v. 致力於;獻身於
devote to dedicate v. 致力於;獻身於
devote to specializing in v. 致力於;獻身於
devoted dedicated a. 忠實的;虔誠的
devour consume v. 吞沒;毀滅
diagnose analyze v. 診斷;分析
dialogue conversation n. 對話;對白
dictate determine v. 指示;決定
didactic instructive a. 教訓的;說教的
diet nutritional plan n. 飲食;節實
diffuse travel v. 擴散;傳播
dilapidated run-down a. 倒塌的;破壞的
dilate expand v. 膨脹;擴大
dilemma n. 矛盾
dim weak a. 隱約的;模糊的
diminish reduce v. 減少 ; 下降
diminutive tiny ; small a. 小的;小型的
dimly faintly ad. 朦朧地;暗淡地
dip immerse momentarily v. 浸;沾
dire dreadful a. 可怕的;極度的
direct lead v. 指導;指揮
directly immediately ad. 直接地;即刻地
disaster catastrophe n. 災難
discard get rid of ; throw away v. 丟棄;拋棄
discern detect v. 辯明;識別
discerning perceptive a. 有眼光的;有辨別力的
disciple follower n. 信徒;弟子
discipline field of study n. 學科;細目
discontent dissatisfy v. 不滿意;不滿
discord disharmony n. 不調合;不一致
discover learn v. 發現 ; 瞭解
discrepancy difference n. 差異;不一致
disintegrate break up v. 分裂;瓦解
dislodge v. 逐出
disorient confuse ; lose v. 使迷惑;使迷失方向
disparaging negative a. 貶低的;譭謗的
dispatch expedition n. 派遣;發送
dispensary clinic n. 門診部;配藥處
displace v. 換置 ; 取代
display exhibit v. 展現;陳列
dispose of get rid of v. 處理;除掉
disposition temperament n. 氣質;性情
disproportionately unequally ad. 不勻稱地;不相稱地
dispute disagreement ; argument n. 爭論
dispute question v. 質疑
disquieting troubling a. 令人不安的;使人焦慮的
disregard ignore v. 忽視;不注意
disrupt v. 干擾
disseminate disperse ; spread v. 散佈;傳播
dissent from disagree with v. 反對;對立;持異議;不同意
dissenting opposite a. 反對的;對立的;不同意的
dissipate disperse v. 驅散;使消失
distant faraway a. 遠離的;久遠的
distinct separate ; different a. 清晰的;不同的
distinct definite a. 清楚的;清晰的
distinct separate a. 獨特的
distinctly clearly ad. 清楚地;明顯地
distinguish differentiate v. 區分;辨別
distinguished eminent a. 著名的;卓越的
district section n. 地區;街區
disturb bother v. 攪動;滋攪
dive plunge v. 跳水;潛水
divergence difference n. 差異;變化
diverse dissimilar ; varied ; different a. 多種多樣的;不一樣的
diverse various ; different a. 多種多樣的;
diversity variety n. 多樣化;各式各樣
divert change direction v. 改變方向
dividing line boundary n. 邊界;分界線
divine sacred a. 神聖的;非凡的
do away with get rid of ; eliminate v. 廢除;去掉
do sth. repeatedly iterate v. 重複;反覆
dogged persistent a. 頑強的;固執的
domain field ; region n. 領域;範圍
domesticate tame v. 馴養;馴服
dominant major a. 主要的;佔優勢的
dominate be prevalent in v. 支配;控制
donate contribute v. 捐贈;贈送
donation grant n. 捐款;捐物
donor giver n. 捐獻者;贈與人
dormancy n. 休眠狀態
dormant hibernate ; inactive a. 休眠的;蟄伏的
dot scatter across v. 點綴;分散於
doze sleep lightly v. 打瞌睡;打盹兒
draft formulate v. 草擬;設計
drama play n. 戲劇;劇本;
dramatic striking ; stunning a. 戲劇性的;顯著的
dramatically radically ad. 戲劇性地;顯著地
drastic radical a. 激烈的;猛烈的
drastically radically ad. 激烈地;猛烈地
draw attract v. 吸引;提取
draw instruct v. 引導
drawback unfavorable feature of ; disadvantage n. 缺點;弊端
dread horror n. 恐懼;畏懼
dreadfully terribly ad. 極端地
dream fantasy n. 夢想;空想
dribble trickle v. 滴下;涓滴
drift move aimlessly v. 漂泊;移動
drive campaign n. 運動;競賽
drive out of force out of v. 驅逐出去;被迫離去
droop sag v. 凋萎,下垂
drop fall n. 下降;下跌
drop in visit v. 順訪;拜訪
drought prolonged lack of moisture n. 旱災;旱季
drudgery tedium n. 苦工;乏味工作
duplicate copy v. 複製;複寫
duplicate identical a. 相同的;雙重的
duplication copying n. 複製;複製品
durability endurance n. 經久,耐久
durable long-lasting a. 持久的;耐用的
duration length n. 持續時間;期間
during in prep. 在...期間;在...時候
dust fine particles n. 塵土;灰塵
dwell reside ; inhabit v. 居住;居留
dwelling house ; residence n. 住處;寓所
dwindle diminish v. 減少 ; 衰落
dwindle away eventually disappear v. 縮小;減少
each every one pron. 各自
eager enthusiastic a. 熱心的
early initial a. 早期的;早先的
earnest serious a. 認真的;誠摯的
earnestly seriously ad. 誠摯地;殷切地
earnings revenue n. 收入;賺得的錢
earth dirt n. 土;泥
easily moved portable a. 輕便的;可攜帶的
easygoing relaxed a. 悠閒的;舒適的
eccentric strange a. 怪癖的;古怪的
eccentricity peculiarity n. 怪癖;古怪
ecologically environmentally ad. 生態上;環境上
economical thrifty a. 節約的;經濟的
educator teacher n. 教育家;教育工作者
eerie a. 詭異的
effect influence v. 影響;效果
effectively efficiently ; successfully ad. 有效地;有力地
efficiency effectiveness n. 效力
efficient effective a. 有效的;有力的
effort attempt ; endeavor n. 努力;嘗試
elaborate complicate a. 複雜的;精心製作的
elaborately done in great detail ad. 詳盡地;精心地
elastic pliant a. 有彈性的;可塑的
elect choose v. 選擇;推選
elegant a. 優雅的
elevate promote ; raise v. 提升;提升
elevated raised a. 升高的;高架的
elevation altitude n. 高度;海拔
elicit bring out v. 引出
eligible entitle a. 合格的;適宜的
eloquent persuasive a. 善辯的;有口才的
elsewhere in another place ad. 在別處
elucidate clarify v. 闡明 ; 說明
emancipator liberator n. 解放者
embarrass ashamed because of v. 使困窘;使為難
emblem symbol n. 象徵;標誌
embellishments decorations n. 裝飾 ; 粉飾
embrace include v. 包括;包含;接受;信奉
embraced welcomed v. 歡迎
embryo complete undeveloped form n. 胚胎;萌芽
emerge appear v. 浮現;出現
emerge come into prominence v. 浮現;出現
emergence appearance n. 出現;浮現
emigrate v. 外移
eminence fame n. 著名;顯赫
emissary messenger n. 使者;密使
emit give off v. 放射;散發
emitting producing v. 生產,發行
emotion feeling n. 感情;情感
emphasize stress v. 著重;強調
employ use v. 僱傭;應用
emulate imitate v. 模仿;倣傚
enable allow ; help v. 使能夠;使可能
enact pass v. 頒佈;規定
enactment performance ; passing n. 演出;作秀
enchantment n. 魅力
encompass include v. 包含
encourage urge v. 鼓勵;促進
encroach invade v. 侵襲 ; 侵犯
end goal ; final n. 末端;目的
endanger threaten v. 危害;危及
endeavor try v. 努力;盡力
endemic native a. 地方性的;本土的
endorse approve of v. 認可;擔保
endowment gift n. 天賦;天資
endure survive v. 忍受;求生存
energetic vigorous a. 有力的;精力旺盛的
energetically actively ad. 有力地;精力飽滿地
engage in carry on v. 從事;忙於
engaged hired v. 僱傭
enhance improve v. 提升;增進
enjoyment pleasure n. 樂趣;享樂
enlist join v. 徵募;入伍
enormous tremendous a. 巨大的;非凡的
enormously tremendously ad. 極大地;巨大地
ensures guarantees v. 保證
entail involve v. 引起;關係到
enthusiasm intense interest n. 熱情;積極性
enthusiastically eagerly ad. 熱心地;熱情地
entire whole a. 全部的
entirely solely ; totally ad. 完全地;徹底地
entitle name v. 稱作;取名
entity object n. 實體;存在
entomb trap v. 埋葬;設陷阱
entreat urge v. 懇求;請求
entrepreneur n. 創業者
envelope outer covering n. 封皮;包層
envision conceive of v. 想像 ; 展望未來
ephemeral short living a. 短暫的 ; 只有一天生命的
epoch period of history n. 時代;紀元
equal to have the ability to handle a. 勝任的;能應付的
equally uniformly ad. 相同地;同等地
equipment apparatus n. 設備;裝置
equivalent the same as n. 等量;相等物
equivocally ambiguously ad. 曖昧地;摸棱兩可地
era period of time ; age n. 時期
eradicate eliminate v. 除去;消除
eradicate completely destroy v. 根除;消滅
erect straight a. 豎起的;直觀的;
erect construct v. 樹立;建立
erection construction v. 建立;豎立
errant 錯誤的 ; 漫無目的的移動
erratically irregularly ad. 無規律地;不穩定地
erroneous incorrect a. 不正確的;錯誤的
erroneous ideas misconception n. 誤解;錯誤理念
erroneously identified as mistake v. 誤以為;誤認為
erupt explode v. 噴出;爆發
escalate rise v. 逐步上升;逐步升級
especially notably ; particularly ad. 特別地;主要地
essence basic nature n. 基本
essential fundamental ; necessary ; vital a. 基本的
essentially fundamentally ad. 基本上;必然地
establish create ; organize v. 設立;創作
estate property n. 房地產;財產
esteem respect v. 尊敬;尊重
estimated judged v. 鑑定
ethereal delicate a. 雅緻的;嬌嫩的
evacuate remove v. 撤離;疏散
evaluate judge v. 評估
evidence indicate n. 跡象;預示
evidence reveal v. 顯示;證明
evolution n. 進化
evolve develop v. 發展;演化
exact precise a. 正確的;精確的
exactly precisely ad. 精確地;確切地
exaggeration overstatement n. 誇張;誇大
exalt glorify v. 褒獎;讚美
exalted superior a. 高貴的;崇高的
examine explore v. 考察;探索
example instance n. 實例;樣本
exasperating irritating a. 使人觸怒的;激怒人的
excavate dig v. 挖掘;開鑿
excavating digging v. 挖掘
exceed surpass v. 超過;勝過
exceedingly very ad. 非常地;極度地
excel superior v.
excel in be outstanding in v. 優於他人;勝於他人
except for apart from prep. 除...以外
excerpt short selection n. 節錄;摘錄
excessive extreme a. 過分的;極度的
exclude from keep out of v. 拒絕;排除
exclusively only ad. 唯一地;全部地
excursion trip n. 短途旅行;遠足
execute create v. 造成;製成;履行;執行
execution carrying out n. 執行;履行
exemplary model a. 模範的;典型的
exercise utilize v. 行使,利用
exert cause v. 引起;產生
exhaustively thoroughly ad. 徹底地;完全地
exhibit show ; display v. 展覽;展出
exhibit n. 展覽會 ; 展覽品
exorbitant expensive a. 昂貴的
expand increase v. 擴張;增加
expanse areas n. 廣闊的地方
expedite speed up v. 加速;促進
expeditiously rapidly ad. 迅速地;敏捷地 
expendable unprofitable a. 沒有用的
expertly masterfully ad. 熟練地;老練地
explicitly specifically ad. 明晰地;明確地
exploit take advantage of v. 剝削
explore investigate v. 考察;探索
expose uncover v. 使暴露;暴露於
exposition exhibition n. 展覽會;博覽會
extend stretch ; increase ; prolong v. 延長;擴展
extensive broad ; far-reaching a. 廣泛的;廣博的
extensively widely ad. 廣闊地;廣泛地
extinct v. 滅種 ; 滅絕
extol praise v. 讚美
extolled praised v. 讚美
extra surplus ; additional a. 額外的;附加的
extract remove v. 提取;取得;拔出
extract from remove from v.
extraneous irrelevant a. 外來的;無關的
extraordinary supreme a. 非凡的;極度的
extraordinary remarkable ; outstanding a. 特別的;非凡的
extremely exceptionally ad. 極端地;極度地
exude give off v. 散發
extricate remove v. 救出;移出
fabricate make ; produce v. 製作;裝配
fabricating constructing v. 製作,構建
face confront v. 面對;面向
facet aspect n. 某一方面
facilitate make easier v. 使便利
facsimile reproduction n. 摹寫;複製品
fact actually n. 實際上;事實上
faction side n. 小派系
factor consideration n. 要素;原素
fade lose color v. 褪色;衰弱
fail to do not v. 不足以;不能夠
fairly relatively ad. 相對地;相當地
faithful loyal a. 忠誠的;忠實的
fake imitation a. 偽造的;冒充的
fallacious faulty a. 謬誤的;靠不住的
famous well-known a. 著名的;出名的
fanciful imaginative a. 想像的;怪誕的
fanfare spectacular display n. 鼓吹;炫耀
far much ad. 太;極;甚
fare primary sustenance n. 主食
far-reaching extensive a. 廣泛的;深遠的
fashion create v. 造成,引起
fashion manner n. 模式;樣子
fasten affix ; attach v. 紮牢;釘牢
fatal deadly a. 致命的
fault crack n. 縫隙;斷層
fauna n. 動物 (集合名詞)
favor prefer v. 喜愛
favored perferred n. 喜愛
feasible possible a. 可行的;可能的
feat achievement n. 功績;技藝
fee rate n. 費用;費
feeble weak a. 微弱的;無力的
feed put v. 供給;供應
feed up disgust a. 厭食的 吃;食
feed up eat a. 吃;食
feel detect v. 察覺;感覺
feign pretend v. 假裝
ferment v. 發酵
ferocious fierce a. 兇猛的;殘忍的
fertile a. 肥沃的
fervor zeal n. 熱情;熱烈
fictitious mythical a. 虛構的;想像的
fidelity faithfulness n. 忠誠;忠貞
figure shape n. 圖像;形象
figure out solve v. 演算;解決
filament strand n. 細絲;長絲
fill congest v. 充滿;充塞
filter strain v. 過濾;濾過
finalize break v. 終結;中止
find locate ; discover v. 找到;發現
finding scientific discovery
fine tiny ; small a. 細小的
finely minutely ad. 精細的 
fire bake v. 燒製;焙烤
firm hard a. 結實的;堅硬的
firmly solidly ad. 堅定地;牢固地
firmly securely ad.
fit conform to v. 適合;適應
fix repair v. 安裝;固定;決定;確定
fix set v.
fix determine v.
fixture commonplace object n. 固定設備;附屬裝置
flag decline v. 衰退;枯萎
flamboyant showy a. 炫耀的;燦爛的
flamed burned a. 燃燒的
flattering complimentary a. 稱揚的;奉承的
flattery praise n. 諂媚 ; 阿諛
flavoring distinctive a. 調味的
flaw defect n./v. 缺點,瑕疵;有缺陷;有裂縫
flee run away from v. 逃離;逃避
flexible pliant a. 柔韌的;有彈性的
float drift along v. 漂;浮
flock group n. 鳥群;獸群
flora n. 植物 (集合名詞)
flourish thrive ; prosper v. 茂盛 ; 發達
flow travel v. 流動,湧出;
flow circulation n. 流通;發行
fluctuate alternate ; vary v. 起伏;波動
fluorescent luminous a. 發光的;螢光的
flush from drive out of v. 被驚飛;被趕走
flyer pilot n. 飛行員;飛行者
fog haze n. 霧;煙霧
foliage leave n. 葉子
follow obey ; abide by v. 聽從;遵循
following after prep. 在...之後
fool deceive v. 欺騙;愚弄
foolish ridiculous a. 荒謬的;愚蠢的
foolproof completely safe a. 不會有差錯的;安全無比的
forage feed ; search for food v. 搜索;尋找食物
forbid not allow v. 禁止;不許
forecast predict v. 預測;預報
foreign-born born outside the country a. 出生在外國的
foremost leading a. 首要的;主要的
forerunner predecessor n. 先驅;先鋒
forestall prevent v. 阻止;
forever eternally ad. 永遠地;無窮無盡地
forfeit lose v. 失去;喪失
forge create v. 創造 ; 偽造
form develop v. 形成;製作
formative developmental a. 形成的;成型的
formerly previously ad. 從前;以前
formidable difficult ; terrifying a. 艱難的
forsake abandon v. 遺棄;拋棄
forward-looking progressive a. 向前看的;有遠見的
found establish v. 創辦;建立
foundation basis n. 基礎;根據
fowl poultry n. 禽;家禽
fragile a. 脆弱的; 易碎的
fragment piece ; scrap n. 碎片;破片
fragrance scent n. 香味;香氣
frail weak a. 虛弱的;脆弱的
frame pose v. 構造;提出
framework structure ; skeleton n. 架構;框架
free unhampered a. 擺脫的;不受約束的
freeing releasing n. 解除,釋放
freshly recently ad. 新近;最近
frolic run playfully v. 嬉戲;鬧著玩
from time to time occasionally 間或地;偶爾地
frost ice v. 冰凍;結霜
frothy foamy a. 泡沫的;似泡沫的
fruitful productive a. 富有成效的;多產的
fruitfully productively ad. 富有成效地;多產地
fruitlessly in vain ad. 無效地;徒勞地
fully thoroughly ad. 完全地;徹底地
fume gas n. 氣體;煙霧
functional usable a. 合用的
fund money n. 資金;基金
fundamental basic a. 基礎的;基本的
furnish supply ; provide v. 提供;供應
further additional a. 進一步的;深層的
further advance v. 促進;推展
fusion union n. 熔合;聯合
future coming a. 未來的;今後的
gain profit ; win ; acquire ; earn v.獲得;贏利 n.利益;得益
gain advantage
gallant courtly a. 慇勤的;奉獻的
gambit calculated risk n. 策略;謀略
game animals n. 動物 (集合名詞)
gap open ; space n. 缺口;縫隙
garment clothes n. 衣服;服裝
gas vapor n. 氣體;氣態
gateway point of entry n. 通路;入口
gather compile ; collect v. 蒐集;聚集
gauge measure ; judge v. 測量;評估
gay bright a. 明亮的;鮮豔的
gelatinous viscous a. 黏結的;膠凝狀的
gem jewel ; precious stones n. 寶石;珍寶
gemstone jewel n. 寶石;珍寶
general usually ad. 一般地;慣常地 
generally usually ; broadly ad. 通常地;廣義地
generate produce v. 產生;發生
genesis origin n. 起源;開始
genial a. 溫和的 ; 舒暢的
gentle moderate a. 平緩的;溫和的
germinate sprout v. 發芽;開始生長
get along manage v. 生活;過日子
get over recover from v. 痊癒;復原
get rid of discard ; eliminate n. 除去;去掉
gifted talented a. 有天賦的;聰穎的
gingerly cautiously ad. 小心地;謹慎地
give in yield to v. 讓步;屈服
give out announce v. 發表;公佈
give sb. a free hand let sb.use one's own ideas on a. 給予某人自行處事權利
give way to turn into v. 讓位;變成
given specified a. 特定的;一定的
glare very harsh light n. 刺目的強光
gloomy dismal a. 陰鬱的;憂悶的
glowing shining a. 光亮的
go awry become faulty ad. 出差錯;有缺陷
goal objective n. 目的;目標
good name reputation n. 名聲;名節
goods merchandise ; commodity n. 商品;貨物
good-size big a. 大型的;大號的
gorgeous beautiful a. 美麗的;華麗的
gorgeous very colorful a.
gradually slowly ; little by little ad. 逐漸地;逐步地
gradually by degrees ad.
grandeur magnificence n. 宏偉;壯觀
grant give ; award v. 頒發;授予
graphic vivid a. 生動的;圖文的
grasp comprehension n. 領會;掌握
grasp learn v. 領悟
graze feed v. 以...為食;放牧
greatest breakthrough most significant advance n. 進展;突破
gregarious sociable a. 群居的;合群的
grief sorrow n. 悲痛;不幸
grossly greatly ad. 顯著地;大大地
grown-up adult n. 成人;大人
growth development ; expansion n. 增長;發展
grueling exhausting a. 筋皮力竭的;折磨人的
grumbled complained v. 抱怨
guard protect v. 保護;保衛
gusto enthusiasm n. 熱忱;興趣
habitat home ; environment n. 棲息地;產地
habitually customarily ad. 習慣地;慣常地
hail acclaim v. 歡呼;招呼
half-formed incomplete a. 不完整的;不完善的
halfheartedly apathetically ad. 無興趣地;不熱情地
hallmake n. 品質證明
hamper hinder ; restrict v. 妨礙;阻礙
hand in submit v. 交出;傳遞
hand out distribute v. 分派;散發
handicap disable in some way v. 阻礙;妨礙
handle perform v. 處理;管理
handpick select v. 挑選;精選
handsome good-looking a. 美觀的;漂亮的
handy convenient a. 靈巧的;方便的
haphazard random a. 雜亂的;任意的
haphazardly randomly ad. 任意地;雜亂無章地
harbor port n. 港口;港灣
hard firm a. 堅硬的;牢固的
hard to deal with stubborn a. 執拗的;固執的
hardly scarcely ; barely ad. 幾乎不;簡直不
hardship difficulty n. 痛苦;苦難
harm do damage v. 損害;損壞
harmful detrimental ; dangerous a. 有害的;危險的
harmless innocuous a. 無害的;無毒的
harness utilize n. 利用;治理
harsh severe a. 嚴酷的;苛刻的
harvest gather v. 斬獲;獲得
hasten accelerate v. 加速;促進
hatch come forth from v./n. 孵化;孵出
haul pull v. 拖運;運送
hazard danger n. 危險;冒險
hazardous dangerous a. 危險的;冒險的
head go v. 動身;出發
head lead v.
heading category n. 標題;題目
headquarters home office n. 總部;總公司
headstrong stubborn a. 倔強的;固執的
headway progress v. 前進;進展
heart center n. 中心
heavily densely ad. 濃密地;稠密地
heighten intensify v. 升高 ; 增強
helically spirally ad. 螺旋形地;螺線形地
helper assistant n. 幫手;助手
helplessly powerlessly ad. 無能地;無效地
hemisphere side n. 半球;半邊
hemisphere half n. 半球;地球的一半
hence as a result ; consequently ad. 因此;所以
henceforth from that time on ad. 自此以後
herald announce v. 預示;預報
herbivore n. 草食性動物
herbivorous a. 草食性的
herd group n. 群;獸群
heredity genetics n. 遺傳;遺傳性
heritage tradition n. 遺產;道統
hesitantly reluctantly ad. 猶豫地;躊躇地
heyday golden age n. 全盛時期;黃金時期
hide conceal v. 隱藏;遮掩
hide skin n. 獸皮;皮革
hideous terrifying a. 可怕的
highlight emphasize v. 著重;強調
highly extremely ad. 高度地;非常地
highly very ad.
hinder impede v. 妨礙;阻礙
hinged on depended on v. 依靠
hinterland region n. 地方;區域
hire employment v. 僱傭;租用
hitch tie v. 拴住;套住
hobble limp v. 蹣跚;跛行
hold bound v. 結合;連結
hold up under withstand v. 經受住;經久
hollow excavate v. 掏空
hollow cavity n. 洞;穴
homesteader settler n. 擁有宅地的移民
house place ; contain v. 安置;收藏
how the way in which ad. 如何;怎樣
hub nucleus ; center n. 中心;中樞
hue color n. 色彩;色澤
huge tremendous ; vast ; immense a. 巨大的;大量的
humid damp a. 濕的;潮濕的
humiliate embarrass v. 羞辱;使丟臉
hurdle obstacle n. 困難;障礙
hurt injure v. 損害;危及
husk shell n. 外殼;果殼
hypothesis assumption n. 假設;假說
ideal perfect a. 完美的
identical exactly alike a. 同樣的
idiom style n. 風格;特色
idolize worship v. 盲目崇拜;偶像化
idiosyncrasy peculiarity n. 特質 ; 特異性
ignite set fire v. 著火;燃燒
ill adverse a. 負的;不良的
illicit unlawful a. 非法的;不正當的
illusion n. 幻覺 ; 幻象
illustrate represent v. 說明;闡明
illustration picture n. 插圖;圖解
illustrious distinguished a. 傑出的;著名的
image picture n. 影像;形象
imaginary unreal a. 想像中的;不真實的
imitate copy v. 模仿;偽造
imitate copy ; mimic v. 模仿;仿造
immense enormous ; massive a. 巨大的;龐大的
immensely enormously ad. 非常;大大地
immerse v. 浸泡
immigrate v. 移民
imminent about to take place, approaching a. 逼近的;即將來臨的
immunity protection n. 保護
immutable unchangeable a. 不變的
impact effect n. 影響;作用
impair damage v. 損害
impartial unbiased a. 公平的;公正的
impede obstruct v. 妨礙;阻止
impediment obstacle n. 妨礙;阻礙
impel motivate v. 驅使;激勵
impending approaching a. 逼近的;即將發生的
imperative necessary a. 急切的;必要的
imperceptibly subtly ad. 不可覺察地;極緩慢地
imperceptibly unnoticeably a. 不可察覺的;極緩慢的
implement tool n. 工具;器械
implication significance n. 含義;意義
imply suggest v. 暗示;意指
important significant a. 重要的;重大的
imposing demanding a. 緊迫的;緊急的
imposing impressive a. 壯觀的;雄偉的
improve better v. 增進;改良
improvise thought up on the spot v. 臨時準備;即席創作
imprudent unwise a. 不精明的;輕率的
in a rage outrage n. 盛怒;狂怒
in abundance in great quantities n. 豐富 ; 充裕
in essence basically 基本上而言
in place of instead of ad. 代替 
in reality actually n. 實際上;事實上
in retrospect looking back n. 回顧;回想
in the neighborhood of approximately n. 大約;接近
inaccessible unreachable a. 難接近的;難達到的
inaccessible not available a. 難接近的;難得到的
inadvertently accidentally ad. 粗心地;非故意地
inappropriately unsuitably ad. 不恰當地;不合宜地
inaugurate begin v. 開始;開創
inauspicious ominous a. 不祥的 ; 凶兆的
inborn innate a. 天生的;遺傳的
incalculable immeasurable a. 無數的;極大的
incalculably immeasurably ad. 不可估量地;極大地
incapacitate disable v. 使殘廢;使無能
inception beginning n. 起初
incessant unending a. 連續的;不斷的
incessantly constantly ad. 連續地;頻繁地
incentive motive n. 誘因
incidence occurrence n. 發生率
incidentally by chance ; for example ad. 偶然地;附帶地
incinerate burn up v. 燒燬
incise cut v. 切開;切入
incised carved a. 雕刻的
inclination preference n. 傾向;偏好
include contain v. 包括;包含
income revenue n. 收入;所得
incorporate combine ; include ; contain v. 結合;合併
increase grow v. 增加;增多
incredible unbelievable a. 難以置信的;不可思議的
incredulity disbelief n. 懷疑;不相信
indefinitely endlessly ad. 無限地
indelible permanent a. 持久的;擦不掉的
index sign n. 指標;標誌
indigenous native a. 當地的;本土的
indiscriminate haphazard a. 不加選擇的;不加鑑別的
indispensable essential a. 必不可少的;絕對必要的
individually separately ad. 個別地;各自地
induce bring about v. 引起;導致
industry business n. 產業;工業
inept incompetent a. 無能的;不稱職的
inevitable unavoidable a. 不可避免的;必然發生的
inevitably unavoidably ad. 不可避免地;必然發生地
inexpensive cheap a. 廉價的;不貴的
infectious contagious a. 傳染性的;易傳播的
inference conclusion n. 推論 ; 結論
infiltrate spread to v. 滲入;透過
infinitesimal minute a. 極微小的;無限小的
influence affect v. 影響;感化
influential important a. 有影響的;有勢力的
influx arrival n. 流入;到達
informally unofficially ad. 非正式地;非正規的
informed educated a. 有見識的;見聞廣的
infuriate enrage v. 激怒;使發怒
infusion introduction n. 灌輸;注入
ingenious clever a. 有天才的;機敏的
ingenuity resourcefulness n. 機靈
ingredient component n. 成分;要素
inhabit live in ; occupy v. 居住於;棲息於
inhabitant resident n. 居民;住戶
inhale breathe in v. 吸入;吸氣
inherent essential a. 固有的 ; 天生的
inherently basically ; intrinsically ; fundamentally ad. 內在地;根本地
inherit receive v. 接受;繼承
inhibit hinder ; restrain v. 阻止;阻礙
initial first ; early a. 古老的;初始的
initially in the beginning ; originally ad. 最初;開始
initiate start ; cause ; originate ; activate v. 開始;引發
innermost most personal a. 最裡面的;最祕密的
innovation new idea n. 創新;革新
innovative inventive a. 創新的;革新的
innovative new a. 創新的
innumerable countless a. 無數的;數不清的
inordinate excessive a. 過度的;過分的
inquiry investigation n. 調查;問題
inquiry question n.
inquisitive curious a. 好奇的;盤根問底的
insert put v. 插入;嵌入
inside interior n. 內部;裡面
insight understanding n.
insight into understanding of n. 洞察力;見識
insignificant trivial ; unimportant a. 無意義的;不重要的
inspire fire the imagination of v. 激勵;賦予靈感
installment monthly payment n. 分期付款
instance case n. 實例;例證
instantly at once ad. 立即;立刻
instead rather ad. 代替;更換
institute start v. 創立;開始
institute establish v.
instruction teach n. 教訓;教誨
insufficient inadequate a. 不足的;不夠的
intact a. 原封不動的
integral essential a. 整體的;不可缺少的
integral fundamental a. 基本的
integrate unify v. 使結合;成一體
intense extreme a. 強烈的;劇烈的
intensely extremely ad. 非常地;劇烈的
intensive concentrated a. 加強的,集中的
intent goal ; purpose n. 目的
intentionally deliberately ad. 有意地;故意地
interchangeable equivalent a. 相等的;可互換的
interfere disrupt v. 妨礙;牴觸
intermittently periodically ; off and on ad. 間歇地;斷斷續續地
intervals periods n. 週期
intervene intercede in v. 干涉;調停
intervention influence n. 干涉;影響
intimate close a. 親密的;密切的
intimately very closely ad. 親密;親切
intricate complicated a. 複雜的;使人迷惑的
intricate complex a. 複雜的
intrigue fascinate v. 迷惑
intriguing attractive a. 迷人的 
inundate flood v. 淹沒;氾濫
invade move into v. 侵入
invaluable highly useful a. 極有價值的
invariably always ad. 恆久地;不變地
invent create ; originate v. 創造;發明
inviting attractive a. 吸引人的;誘人的
irregularly unevenly ad. 不規則地;不整齊地
irreversible permanent a. 不可回覆的 ; 永久的
irrevocable irreversible a. 最後的;不能改變的
irritable easily annoyed a. 煩躁的;易激怒的
irritating annoying a. 煩惱的;激怒的
isolate solitary ; remoate a. 孤立的;隔離的
issue flow v. 流出;發行
issue subject n. 問題;爭論
intermediate in-between a. 中間的
itinerant traveling a. 巡迴的;巡遊的


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