aribitrator 仲裁人

=> In this instance, the Prime Minster will be the final arbitrator.
(在此情況下, 首相將會是最後的仲裁者)

disruption 分裂/中斷

=> We know that many of you had to put up with occasional disruptions
in the office during our recent renovation.

meet someone halfway 妥協

=> We can reach an agreement if you can meet us halfway.
(如果你們能跟我們做妥協, 我們就可以達成協議)

give and take 互相遷就

=> Teamwork requires give and take.

negotiator 談判/協商

=> Experience shows that preparation is the key to the
negotiation of any settlement.

settle 和解/支付

=> Please settle your account with 7 days.

take the bull by the horns 直接面對問題

=> Ken decided to take the bull by the horns and talked with boss about the problem.

be on the same page 對事情看法相同

=> I just want to make sure that we are on the same page.

see eye to eye 看法一致

=> We don't see eye to eye on this.


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