The shortest way isn't always the best.

——劇集《LOST》,John Locke

Death is certain, life is not.
——劇集《The O.C.》

The only thing sure about luck, is that it will change.
——劇集《The Black Donnellys》中,《The Only Sure Thing》一集開篇警示語。

We've lost so much, man. We can't afford to lose each other. We just can't.
——劇集《Prison Break》,在發生了許多不幸的事情後,為了停止內鬨,Lincoln Burrows對Michael的勸告。

Even during bad times, always remember that the best was yet to come.
——劇集《Desperate Housewives》,第一季結局篇中,Bree在安慰即將要進行心臟手術的丈夫Rex。

I think if you can remember what a person meant to you and hold onto that feeling, you can survive a time like this.

The success in business is focused not only on individual contribution but working as a team as well.
——真人秀《The Apprentice》,Tammy在團隊其他成員賣力工作的時候,卻花一個小時來吃午飯,因而受到大家的批評。

Dealing with a blown cover is about stalling for time. Stay alive long enough to figure out what they know and tell a bigger lie to save yourself.
——劇集《Burn Notice》Mike做臥底的時候差點被揭穿有感而發

You know, the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. And if you hate me, that means you still care, and we're still connected, and I still have a chance to set you right.
——劇集《Desperate Housewives》,Bree在兒子Andrew對自己說出「I hate you」之後的回答。

To be truly happy a man must live absolutely in the present, and with no thought of what's gone before, and no thought of what lies ahead. But a life of meaning, a man is condemned to wallow GetWord("wallow"); in the past, and obsess GetWord("obsess"); about the future.

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