1.Achilles' heel
俚語含義:a weak or vulnerable factor唯一致命的弱點
例:Ah beer! My Achilles ' heel!

Achilles,the hero of Homer's Iliad,the son of Peleus and Thetis and slayer of Hector.The legend of Achilles has it that he was dipped into the river Styx by his mother in order to make him invulnerable.His heel wasn't covered by the water and he was later killed by an arrow wound to his heel.

Skit:From "the Simpsons":
Homer :Mmmm...Forbidden donut!
My one weakness ..my Achilles ' heel!!
Note: 這裡用forbidden來修飾donut,是要表達Homer對甜面包圈那種又愛又怕的感受。Homer太喜歡甜面包圈了,雖然它那麼甜,會讓他發胖, 可是他實在割捨不下。Bonus:在美國,警察們有個喜歡吃甜面包圈的名聲。
因此俚語Donut ranger指巡警。
Can you believe it?The donut ranger gave me a ticket for driving too slow!

a). boo-boo:A boo-boo is a small mistake or minor injury. 愚蠢的小錯誤,輕傷
I made a boo-boo in my presentation — I hope no one notice it!
"Boo boo " comes from the crying sound a child makes when he is injured--"boo hoo"(見解釋c)

b). boo!: (interjection) Used to express contempt,scorn ,or disapproval or to frighten or surprise another.
They booed Chris off the stage.
Chris 被觀眾哄下台去。
Tobby booed and hissed during his Jerry's stand-up show to show support,which totally ruined Jerry's show!
Jerry: "Booing and hissing are not part of the show .You boo puppets.You hiss villains(壞人,惡棍) in slient movies."

c). boo-hoo: the crying sound of a child --used to mock people when they complain too much
I've got no time sitting here listen to your boo-hooling.

Phoebe's pregnant with three babies and had to pee frequently:
Phoebe:(angrily) That's like the tenth time i've peed since i've been here !
Monica:bpp hoo!That's also like the tenth time you told us.

3.breaker /breakee
breaker:one who suggested break-up of the relationship 在戀愛關係中主動提出分手的一方
breakee: one who's dumped in a relationship 在戀愛關係中被拋棄的一方
Gwen had always been a breaker in her past romantic relationship and she couldn't believe that she too could end up being a breakee.

[用法來源] 來自短語break up:(一段戀愛關係的)分裂,結束
Their marriage broke up.
造詞規律:Verb+er 動作發出者
如:interviewer/interviewee, employer/employee
Before they go to a party together ,George and his girlfriend Gwen break up.
在去參加一個晚會之前,George 跟他的女朋友Gwen 分手了。
George: I can't go to that party now.Gwen will be there .
Kramer: Well she should be the one who shouldn't go.
Jerry: Yeah when couples breaks up they have plans to go a neutral place ,who withdraws, what's yhe etiquette?
Kramer: Excellent question.
Jerry: I think she should she should withdraw. She's the breaker, and he is the breakee! He needs to get on with his life!
Elaine: I bet the different. He is the losser, and she is the victor.To the victor belong the spoiled.

4.catch on
[俚語含義]To become popular受人歡迎,流行
Skateboarding catches on among the kids real fast. 滑板在年輕人中間流行的真快。
U2's new hit caught on really quickly. U2的新歌很快就流行起來了。
[用法來源] catch願意抓住。可以這麼理解:抓住大眾心理,即受人歡迎,流行。
George (on the left) is a baldingman. (George 日漸禿頂)
Kramer: Well maybe baldness will catch on.
George Hey ,believe me ,baldness willcatch on. When the aliens come, who do you think they're gonna relate to? Who do you think is gonna be the first ones getting a tour of the shio?

The popular images of the aliens are all hairless in madern movies ,as if they are the next kin to the bald people.That's why George is saying that people will want to become bald in the future to look like the alien's relatives.
現代電影中,外星人總是一光頭的形象出現,就好像是禿子門的同類。所以George 說未來大家都希望自己變成禿頭,以便看上去更像外星人的親戚。


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