1. fish
在口語中,fish 可以用來指"人",如:a poor fish,a big fish。在俚語中,fish 可以用來稱呼剛入獄的囚犯,所以那些囚犯都把 Michael 叫做 fish。
2. bull
在俚語中,bull 可以指「員警,偵探」。
3. piss off the meat in concrete
piss off 有很多種意思,這裡的意思是to make someone angry or to become angry。the meat in concrete 則是代指"監獄裡的囚犯",因為監獄都是concrete建成的嘛!
4. heavy hitter
「重要的,有影響力的人或組織」,例如:this publishing house is one of the heavy hitters in the textbook industry. 這個習語來源於拳擊比賽,本意是「重拳出擊」,後來引申為在本段電影中的意思。
5. as good as
在這裡的意思可不是「像……一樣好」,而是"practically, in effect, almost the same as",例如:the house is as good as sold.(房子就算賣了。)這個片語可以用來修飾幾乎任何動詞、副詞和形容詞。
6. pop off
pop off 有好幾種意思,它可以表示:
1) leave abruptly or hurriedly,例如:i'm just going to pop off and mail some letters.
2) die suddenly,例如:no one expected her to pop off like that.
3) speak thoughtlessly in an angry outburst,例如:don't pop off at me---complain to whoever's responsible. 這也是這個片語在本片斷中的意思。
7. give someone a smack
意思"hit someone, but not hard",類似於朋友之間,當你的朋友說了什麼蠢話之後,你輕打一下他/她的頭。
8. It is not a big deal. 沒什麼了不起!
9. how come… 怎麼回事,怎麼搞的。
10. have a good of it. 玩得很高興。
11. don't take ill of me. 別生我的氣。
12. go down to business. 言歸正傳。
13. any urgent thing? 有急事嗎?
14. can you dig it? 你搞明白了嗎?
15. you want a bet? 你想打賭嗎?
16. what if i go for you? 我替你去怎麼樣?
17. don't over do it. 別太過分了。
18. watch your mouth. 注意言辭。
19. don't play possum! 別裝蒜。
20. follow my nose. 憑直覺做某事。
21. December heartbeat. 黃昏戀。
22. don't flatter me. 過獎了。
23. between us. 你知,我知。
24. who knows! 天曉得。
25. it is urgent. 有急事。
26. still up? 還沒睡嗎?
27. god works. 上帝的安排。
28. hope so. 希望如此。
29. not so bad. 不錯。
30. who wants? 誰希罕?
31. sure thing. 當然。(還可以表示不客氣的意思,相當於you are welcome.)
32. don't push me. 別逼我。
33. what's the fuss? 吵什麼?
34. make it up! 不計前嫌。
35. does it serve your purposes. 勸你有用嗎?
36. it doesn't make any differences. 沒關係。
37. how about eating out? 外面吃飯怎麼樣
38. there are eyes, ears, dots that couldn't be connected from the outside.
這裡 Michael 是用一個 connect the dots 的遊戲打比方。connect the dots 就是我們漢語中所說的「連線遊戲」:在一張紙上有許多的點,用筆把這些點連起來,就會呈現一個圖 形。connect the dots 作為一個習語,意思是 understand the situation。
eyes and ears 指的是「瞭解/知道某些事情的某些人」,例如 a spy is a government's 'eyes and ears' in different places; a reporter is the 'eyes and ears' of a reader who wasn't at the situation the reporter was in.
Michael 這句話的意思是 there are people inside the prison, and knowledge they can find inside the prison, that people from outside can't see. 因為這個越獄計畫是 Michael 入獄之前就設計好了的,但在細節上,還需要入獄後再設計。
39. more than meets the eye
意思是「某種情況/某件事/某個人遠不是所看到的那樣」,比如一個人穿的破破爛爛,但實際上非常聰明有錢。通常這個短語是褒義的。我們來看個例子:there's more to jack than meets the eye.
40. hold up 持槍


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