we are just co-workers 我們只是同事
if a relationship can't move forward, it withers 如果感情無法前進就會枯萎
sometimes not making a decision, is making a decision 有時遲遲不做決定,就是一種決定
we were made for each other 天生一對
skills can be taught 技術是可以教的
I'm afraid you jump the gun 來得太早 (英式)
I'm flattered 我感到受寵若驚人!
secret lies with Charlotte 秘密與夏綠帝同在 (這句在電影中常見)
I complete you 我與你互相互補
..., kind of adorable 太可愛了
I was green 我是新手
You don't know what/why you are asking! (前句:你不知道你在問什麼...)
Educate me! (後句:那你告訴我嘛)
he will/would be in tears if he sees this 他看到這個一定會想哭
nowadays, I don't know who to believe 現在,我不知道誰可以相信
state-of-the-art 完美
sure you didn't see anything? Positive! 你確定沒看到任何東西? 我確定!
identify yourself immediately 立刻表明身份 (警探片常見)
Can I watch TV? Uh...no. It's in the blink 可以看電視嗎?不行..電視壞了
iron-clear alibi 鐵證
in the world according to XXX 在XXX的觀念中


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