These are sturdy. 這雙很耐穿

The arches are very important. 弧度很重要

Why does he act like a retard? 他怎麼好像智障?

I got stories up the wazoo. 我滿腦子都是故事
wazoo 【美】【口】屁股

when he says he didn't know she was a hooker.

Our concern is what happens when Lucy turns 8.

It's contagious! 它會傳染

Given the fact that the father was arrested for solicitation...

couldn't control his emotions endangering other children..

Mr. Dawson's mental delays which raise serious questions...
道森先生心智障礙, 令人質疑他為人父親的能力

No, Mr. Dawson. You will have monitored visits...
不,道森先生, 你可以在監督下探望露西

You need s personal injury lawyer... 你要找人身傷害律師

Per hour. It's an hourly rate. 這是時薪,我可以付你鍾點費

to get rid of that crappy coffee table? 扔了那張爛咖啡桌

Cracker went down the wrong pipe. 我被餅乾噎到了

You think I don't do pro bono? 不相信我會無償服務?
Pro bono【拉】為慈善機構和窮人提供的免費專業服務

Guess what I'm gonna get when I get my next paycheck?

Always set your dreams high, Lucy. 目標要放遠一點,露西

wants custody of your child? 你們倆都不要小孩的監護權?
Custody 監護權

Hi! Did you get in touch with your friend? 和你朋友聯絡上了嗎?

They want to have you evaluated by a shrink... 他們要你去看心理醫生
shrink 【美】【俚】精神科醫師

It's court-ordered. 這是法庭命令

I'm in the middle of a meeting. 我正在開會

Which is it gonna be, bonehead? 你想怎樣?豬頭!

Shoot. 說

High-five. 擊掌

I didn't mean your handicap. 我不是說你殘障

I meant your disability. 是殘疾

I was out of range. 剛才收不到訊號

It's towing your car. 你的車被拖吊了

would be a prime candidate for foster care?
prime candidate 主要對象, 主要候選人

Objection, Your Honor. 抗議,庭上

Sustained. 抗議成立

No further questions. 沒別的問題了

It would bias her expert opinion. 在專業意見上有偏見

Get to the relevant point, 說重點

Let me rephrase the question. 我再問一次

Sam, don't be impossible. 山姆,別刁難人家

I'm a grownup. 我是個成年人

You can't even touch that area. 你無法想見

Overruled. 抗議駁回

Annie's father was a meanie. 安妮的爸爸是個壞蛋

Can you grasp the concept of... 你懂不懂…

So, what made you harass that young boy at your house?

You got to be firm on this. 你要堅決一點

Some, yes. Some, no. 有些好,有些不好

Motion to recess. 休庭

Motion denied. 休庭駁回

That's not up to me. 由不得我決定

and it would almost seem like joint custody. 就好像共同監護一樣
joint custody 共同監護


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