1. It isn't like you. 這不是你的作風

2. It is a deal. 一言為定

3. It's a long story. 說來話長

4. It's all my fault. 這都是我的錯

5. It's out of my line. 這個我外行

6. It served him right. 他自找的

7. It won't be anything good. 這是於事無補

8. It's a bargain. 很划算

9. It's a lousy choice of words. 真是口不擇言

10. It's a problem of face. 這是面子問題

11. It's your turn. 該你了

12. It stands to reason. 這道理顯而易見

13. It won't do.不行

14. It is love that makes the world go round. 愛情使世界旋轉

15. It is easy to be wise after the event. 不經一事,不長一智


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