(1)Beside the point:與所討論的問題無關。
"We are now discussing the staff development, so your question about cost reduction is beside the point."

(2)On the point of...:正要做...
"When I was on the point of going out for the meeting, my boss came to see me."

(3)A case in point: 適當的例子。
"Powerful managers are not always protected from being fired. Mr. Brown is a case in point."

(4)Get to the point:說重點。
"I don't know what you're talking about. Get to the point."

(5)Get/take someone's point:瞭解某人的意思。
"What did you say just now? I didn't quite get your point."

(6)Have a point: 有可取之處。
Globalization? You have a point there. From now on, we have to focus on human relationships."

(7)Make one's point:表達了意思。
"Hank, you have made your point well. How about Shawn? Can you tell us what you think about the new product?"

(8)Make a point of...:確定要...
"I often make a point of completing the day's work without undue procrastination."

(9)Point of no return:
E.g., We have reached the "point of no return" on this special project. We can not go back to square one.


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