1. Stop complaining! 別發牢騷! 

2. You make me sick! 你真讓我噁心! 

3. What's wrong with you? 你怎麼回事?

4. You shouldn't have done that! 你真不應該那樣做! 

5. You're a jerk! 你是個廢物/混球! 

6. Don't talk to me like that! 別那樣和我說話! 

7. Who do you think you are? 你以為你是誰? 

8. What's your problem? 你怎麼回事啊? 

9. I hate you! 我討厭你! 

10. I don't want to see your face! 我不願再見到你!

11. You're crazy! 你瘋了! 

12. Are you insane/crazy/out of your mind你瘋了嗎?(美國人絕對常用!) 

13. Don't bother me. 別煩我。 

14. Knock it off. 少來這一套。

15. Get out of my face. 從我面前消失!

16. Leave me alone. 走開。 

17. Get lost.滾開! 

18. Take a hike! 哪兒涼快哪兒歇著去吧。 

19. You piss me off. 你氣死我了。 

20. It's none of your business. 關你屁事! 

21. What's the meaning of this? 這是什麼意思?

22. How dare you! 你敢! 

23. Cut it out. 省省吧。 

24. You stupid jerk! 你這蠢豬! 

25. You have a lot of nerves. 臉皮真厚。

26. I'm fed up. 我厭倦了。 

27. I can't take it anymore. 我受不了了!

28. stop the craps! 廢話少說!


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