1.cash in on:謀取利益
〝The shop be cash in on temporary shortage by raising pr ice商家趁一時缺貨而提高價格從中獲利.〞

2.zero in on:鎖定、對準目標
〝The police have ZEROED IN ON the man they believe to be responsible for the murder.〞

3.clamp down on:施加壓力;取締
〝The government has decided to clamp down on all forms o f illegal gambling.〞

4.read up on:熟讀
〝You need to read up on all the traffic codes before you learn driving.〞

5.brush up on:複習
〝Before the examination, remember to sort out the lecture notes to brush up on all the important

6.check up on:檢查
〝The manager asked the secretary to check up on all the files before posting them.〞

7.come down on:要求;處罰
〝The bank came down on its debtors for immediate payment .〞

8.get in on:分享;參與
〝The company tried to get in on our market.〞

9.cut down on:減少;削減
〝Companies started to cut down on their expenses during the economic downturn.〞

10.fall back on:求助於
〝He has spent all his savings and now has nothing to fall back on.〞


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