01 Fine with me 我沒什麼意見
02 Oh my God 喔我的老天
03 I got you 我瞭解
04 What's the point 有什麼意義
05 You flatter me 你過獎了
06 Hit it off 一拍即合
07 It's on me 我請客
08 Wait a moment 等等
09 Drive me nuts 快把我逼瘋了
10 What a deal 好便宜
11 It's a deal 一言為定
12 I guess so 我想是吧
13 I'm just checking 我只是隨口問問
14 Are you kidding 不是開玩笑的吧
15 Take it easy 別著急
16 How's that again 你再說一次
17 That can't be 怎麼可能
18 It is nothing 小事情
19 You're the boss就聽你的
20 What's the rush 什麼事那麼匆忙
21 It's about time 時間差不多了
22 It's very annoying 真煩人
23 What's bothering you 什麼在困擾你
24 Are you sure 你確定
25 Count me in 也算我一個
26 So do I 我也一樣
27 What's the matte 怎麼了
28 Good for you 真不錯
29 I'm with you 我覺得也是
30 Not a chance 一點兒機會也沒有
31 Here you go 幹得好
32 Whichever is faster 走較快的路
33 That's so stupid 真傻
35 It sounds great 聽起來很不錯
36 That's the limit 真是忍無可忍了
37 I think so 我也這麼想的
38 There you go 可以了
39 What a pity 太遺憾了
40 How's everything here 一切還好嗎
41 That suits me 正合我意
42 Keep it up 堅持下去
43 That settles it 就這樣決定了
44 Keep in touch 經常聯繫
45 Sorry can't manage 對不起沒辦法
46 I am exhausted 我累死了
47 Just try again 再試試看
48 What's this regarding 這是關於哪方面的
49 That's no good 沒有用的
50 Time will tell 時間會證明的


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