01 I am just looking 我只是隨便看看
02 Can I help you? 需要幫忙嗎?
03 The same to you 你也一樣
04 How are you doing? 你好嗎?
05 Nice to meet you 見到您很高興
06 Make yourself at home 別拘束
07 Get off my back 別再煩我
08 It's up to you 由你決定
09 I don't buy it 我不相信
10 Think nothing of it 別放在心上
11 Mind your own business 別多管閒事
12 You've got me there 你難倒我了
13 What a good deal 真划算
14 I can't help it 我也沒辦法
15 I am all ears 我洗耳恭聽
16 Don't get me wrong 不要誤會我
17 I wasn't born yesterday 我不是三歲小孩子
18 I have no choice 我別無選擇
19 What's come over you? 你怎麼了?
20 I'm all mixed up 我全搞混了
21 That's not like him 這不像他的風格
22 It's my treat today 今天我請客
23 Give it a whirl 試試吧
24 I can hardly wait 我等不及了
25 It slipped my mind 我一下子想不起來
26 You can't please everyone 你不可能使每個人都高興
27 Please keep me informed 請一定要通知我
28 Let's talk over coffee 讓我們邊喝邊談
29 Please don't rush me 請不要催我
30 Stay away from me 離我遠一點
31 Everything will be fine 一切都會好的
32 The walls have ears 隔牆有耳
33 There you go again 你又來了


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