01 It's a piece of cake 這很容易
02 I know what you mean 我知道你的意思是什麼
03 I can't say for sure 我不太確定
04 I can't thank you enough 我真不知該怎麼感謝你
05 I didn't catch your name 我叫不出你的名字
06 Could I have a lift? 我能搭個便車嗎?
07 Let's call it a day 今天就到此為止
08 I haven't got all day 我可沒那麼多時間
09 Please don't speak too soon 請不要把話說的太早
10 Are you ready for this? 你可以開始了嗎?
11 I didn't quite get that 我沒有聽得很清楚
12 Could I use your bathroom? 可以借你的洗手間一用嗎?
13 Are you going my way? 你跟我順路嗎?
14 You've got to be kidding 你一定在開玩笑
15 A feather in one's cap 自己努力來的成就


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