01 It feels like silk 它的質感像絲綢
02 That's a new one on me 對我來說,那還是個新聞
03 Let's see what we can do 讓我們看看我們還能做些什麼吧
04 Could you do me a favor ? 可否請你幫個忙?
05 I'm not very crazy about it 我對它不很著迷
06 That sounds like a good idea 聽起來像個好主意
07 How long did the job take? 做這份工作花了多長時間?
08 What are you doing this weekend? 這個週末你有什麼活動?
09 I have a present for her 我有一個禮物要給她
?10 How do you like the weather? 你感覺天氣怎麼樣?
11 Could I buy you a drink? 我能請你喝一杯嗎?
12 Would you care to join us? 你跟我們一起來嗎?
13 I don't think that will work 我想那行不通的
14 That might be in your favor 那可能對你有利
15 Which one should I apply for? 我應該申請那一個呢?


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