You are pulling my leg? 你在開我的玩笑嗎?

I don't buy your story. 我才不相信呢.

All in all… 總而言之

All the best! 一切順利

Anything will do! 什麼都行

Anything you say! 悉聽尊便

Are you sleepy? 你睏了嗎?

Business is business! 公事公辦

By no means! 絕不可能

By the way… 順便一提

Come off it! 別胡說

Come what may! 不管怎樣

Count me in! 算我一份

Cross my heart! 真心話

Cut it out! 夠了

Depend on me! 看我的

Don't be silly! 別傻了

Don't be square! 別古板了.

Don't buff in! 別打岔

Don't get fresh! 休得無理

Don't give up! 切勿放棄

Don't kill time! 別浪費時間

Don't mention it! 別客氣

Don't miss it! 切勿錯過.

Don't talk nonsense! 少說廢話.

Don't tease her! 別嘲弄她了.

Don't you care? 你不在乎嗎?

Don't you dare! 你敢!

Down the hatch! 乾杯.

Drop by anytime. 有空來坐坐.

Enjoy your trip. 旅途愉快.

Face the music. 面對現實吧.

Fill it/her up. 加滿油.

Foot the bill. 付賬吧.

Free of charge. 免費.

Go get them! 動手吧.

Go right ahead! 請便.

God bless you. 上帝保佑你.

Got any idea? 有頭緒了嗎?

Hang it all! 豈有此理!

Hard to tell! 難以決定.

Have it easy. 放輕鬆.

He'll make it! 她會成功的.

He's a pest. 她是個害人精.

He's all talk. 她光說不練.

Here you go. 這給你.

Hit the spot. 恰恰合適.

Hold your horses! 沉住氣;冷靜點

How dare you. 你好大膽子.

How's it going? 近來好嗎?

How's your business? 生意如何?

I appreciate that! 我很感激.

I can manage. 我會處理的.

I can't say. 我不敢確定.

I did it. 我做到了.

I didn't realize! 我沒有意識到.

I don't care. 我才不在乎.

I doubt it. 我懷疑.

I feel great. 我感覺好極了.

I feel sick. 我覺得不舒服.

I feel terrible. 我覺得糟透了.

I guess so. 我想是吧.

I mean it. 我說真的.

I must apologize. 我必須道歉.

I suppose not. 我不認為是這樣.

I think so. 我想是吧.

I'd rather not. 我寧願不…

I'll get you. 我會追上你的.

I'm all ears. 我洗耳恭聽.

I'm all thumbs. 我一竅不通.

I'm off now. 我現在要走了.

I'm pooped out. 我累死了.

I'm positively full. 我吃的太撐了.

I'm with you. 我支持你.

Is tax included? 含稅嗎?

Is that clear? 懂了嗎?

Is that so? 真是如此?

Is that you? 是你嗎?

It all depends. 視情況而定.

It makes sense. 有道理.

It really hurts. 好痛呀.

It sounds complicated. 聽起來挺複雜的.

It takes time. 那需要時間.

It was nothing. 沒甚麼啦.

It's a no-no. 萬萬不可.

It's a shame. 真丟人.

It's about time. 時間差不多了.

It's all over. 大功告成.

It's an emergency. 十萬火急.

It's closing time. 打烊了.

It's fairly simple. 很簡單.

It's getting late… 時間不早了…

It's my pleasure. 這是我的榮幸.

It's nothing serious. 不要緊.

It's on me. 我來付賬.

It's too late. 太遲了.

It's your turn. 該你了.

Just a moment. 稍等片刻.

Just in time. 及時趕到.

Keep at it. 繼續保持.

Keep in touch. 保持聯繫.

Leave me alone. 不要理我.

Let it be. 隨他去吧.

Let me explain. 讓我解釋.

Let me think. 讓我想想.

Let's get going. 我們該走了.

Let's get started. 開始吧.

Let's go Dutch. 各付各的吧.

Let's make up. 講和吧.

Maybe some other time. 改天吧.

Mind your way! 走路當心.

Never mind that. 別介意.

Nice seeing you. 很高興見到你.

No hard feeling. 別生氣.

No way out. 沒辦法了.

Not a chance. 行不通了.

Not at all. 不客氣.

Nothing to it. 沒甚麼啦.

O.K. so far? 目前為止還好吧?

A piece of cake. 易如反掌.

Play it cool. 不要急.

Please be reasonable. 講講道理吧.

Practice makes perfect. 百煉成鋼.

Pull yourself together. 加把勁吧.

Right or wrong… 不管怎樣…

Right this way. 這邊請.

Same as ever. 一如既往.

Same old story. 又是那一套.

Same to you. 彼此彼此.

See you around. 待會兒見.

Seeing is believing. 百聞不如一見.

Shall we begin? 可以開始了嗎?

Shall we go? 可以走了嗎?

Shame on you. 你太無恥了.

She's in trouble. 她有喜了.

She's really something. 她真厲害.

She's so obnoxious. 她真令人難受.

Silly of me. 我真笨.

So do I! 我也是.

So I hear. 我也聽說了.

Somebody do something. 想像辦法吧

Something is wrong. 有點不對勁.

Something's come up. 有事情發生了.

Sorry about that. 很抱歉.

Stand in line. 排成一列.

Step by step. 一步一步來嗎.

Stick with me. 緊跟著我.

Suit me fine. 太適合我了.

Take a break. 休息一下.

Take a seat. 請坐.

Take your time. 放輕鬆.

Tell me details. 詳細道來.

That reminds me. 那讓我想起來了.

That settles it. 這就解決了.

That sounds better. 聽起來挺不錯了.

That sounds reasonable. 聽起來蠻有道理的.

That'll be fun. 那會很有趣.

That's a relief. 解脫了.

That's your story. 那是你編造的.

They got stuck. 他們被困住了.

Things have changed. 時移勢易.

Think it over. 再想想清楚.

This for sale? 這個賣不賣?

This is how. 這樣才是.

Time will tell. 時間會證明一切的.

Under the knife. 開刀.

Watch you step. 走路當心.

We are even. 我們扯平了.

We made it. 我們成功了.

We'd better hurry. 我們最好快點.

What a coincidence. 真巧啊.

What a day… 這一天真累…

What a fool. 真是笨哪.

What a mess. 真亂哪.

What a pity. 真可惜.

What a surprise. 好一個驚喜.

What an experience. 多麼難忘的經歷啊.

What of it? 那有甚麼了不起的?/那有甚麼關係呢?

What was that? 那是甚麼?

What's so funny? 甚麼那麼好笑?

What's the purpose? 甚麼目的呢?

What's the story? 葫蘆裡面賣的甚麼藥?

What's the use? 這有甚麼用?

Whatever you say… 隨你便…

You are brilliant. 你真出色.

You can't imagine. 你很難想像.

You deserve it. 你應得的.

You disgust me. 我討厭你.

You look great. 你看起來好極了.

You never know. 天知道.

Zip your fly. 拉上你的拉鏈.

You're moron. 你這笨蛋.

You're exaggerating! 你太誇張了吧.

You loudmouth. 你這大嘴巴.

You lazybones. 你這個懶骨頭.

You dummy. 你這笨蛋.

You chicken. 你這膽小鬼.

You bet. 當然囉.

With pleasure. 這是我的榮幸.

Why bother. 為何那麼麻煩?

Who cares? 誰在乎?

What for? 這是幹嘛?

What's up? 近來可好?

Watch me! 看我的.

Watch out! 小心.

Who's calling? 是哪一位?

That's bananas. 神經病.

That's life. 這就是生活.

That's settled. 決定了.

That's tough. 太難了.

The deuce. 糟糕.

Think positively. 往好處想想吧.

Separate checks. 分開算.

Shape up. 打起精神.

She's cracker. 她是個瘋子.

Small potato. 小人物.

Stop sulking. 別生氣了.

Sweet yummy. 真夠味.

Apparently so. 顯然是吧.

Back off. 滾開.

Beautiful job. 絕世佳作.

Big deal (反意)了不起.

Better not 最好別.

Can't complain. 好的無話可說.

Certainly not. 才不是呢.

Chill out. 別怕.

Don't brag. 別吹牛.

Drop dead. 去死吧.

Dump her. 甩了她.

Fancy that. 真想不到.

Fat chance. 很難.

Female trouble. 女人真麻煩.

For shame. 不要臉.

Forget it. 休想.

Good point. 問得好.

Hands off. 不許碰.

Have mercy. 求求你.

Hard times. 真衰.

Hot air. 胡扯.

How come. 怎麼會這樣?

How maddening! 真令人惱火.

How rotten! 下流.

How soon. 這麼快.

I decline. 我拒絕.

I'm flattered. 過獎了.

I'm screwed. 我慘了.

I'm pissed. 我非常生氣.

It's handy. 非常方便.

Make water. 小便.

Many thanks. 非常感謝.

Money talks. 金錢萬能.

My treat. 我請客.

No comment. 無可奉告.

No dice. 不行了.

Nothing much. 老樣子.

Old chum. 老朋友.

Pretty bad. 糟透了.


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