1. I got your back. 安啦

2. No need to discuss! 免談!

3. What a coincidence! 好巧!

4. Firt! 花痴!

5. Playing with fire! 找死!

1. The way it is./Let it be. 就醬子

2. Free at last! 解脫了!

3. Not necessarily. 不見得

4. Stingy bastard. 小氣鬼

5. Another time. 改天吧

1. Cut the crap. 少說廢話

2. I did the best I could. 我盡力了

3. Same difference. 半斤八兩

4. It doesn't add up. 這就怪了

5. Easy to please. 知足常樂

1. Thinks one way, but acts another. 表裡不一

2. It's a classic. 真是經典

3. Don't pass up a golden opportunity. 勿常良機

4. Everyone wins./Good for both sides. 兩全其美

5. Mutual understanding./Tacit agreement. 心照不宣;默契

1. Leave it up to fate(destiny). 看緣份吧

2. It's fate(destiny). 真是有緣

3. In vain. 白忙一場

4. Get off on the wrong foot. 出師不利

5. Wake up and smell the coffee./Face reality. 面對現實吧

1. Money makes the world go round. 有錢好辦事

2. You're overdoing it. 別那麼誇張

3. It's not gonna work. 行不通的啦

4. Look before you leap. 三思而後行

5. Who do you think you are? 你算哪根蔥?

1. Don't be a stranger. 別這麼見外

2. I'm not from around here. 我不是本地人

3. Every family has problems. 家家有本難唸的經

4. Off the hook. 放你一馬

5. Biased(Prejudiced). 偏心

1. You only live once. 人生只有一次

2. You're dreaiming. 你作夢;別妄想

3. Wise up! 別傻了

4. What a gossip. 三姑六婆

5. The truth hurts. 現實總是殘酷的

1. That's an exaggeration. 太誇張了

2. Stop pretending. 麥假啦

3. So affectionate. 真體貼

4. Sounds like a pain in the ass. 聽起來很麻煩

5. Pick on someone your own size. 不要以大欺小

1. Off base. 太離譜了吧

2. Lucky bastard. 狗連運

3. I'll know wehn the time comes. 到時候就知道了

4. I give you an inch, and you take a yard. 你太得寸進尺了

5. If I'm not mistaken... 如果我沒搞錯的話

1. Good things come in pairs. 好事成雙

2. Get your money's worth. 俗又大碗

3. Friend or foe. 一視同仁

4. Don't be a copycat. 別有樣學樣

5. Crass。沒風度

1. Let me put my cards on the table. 我打開天窗說亮話

2. This goes far beyond the call of duty. 這超出你的職責範圍

3. Saved by the bell. 倖免於難

4. You're on. 算你一份

5. You're a flash in the pan. 好日子不會長的

1. The die is cast. 木已成舟;事已成局

2. Hold the bag. 背黑鍋

3. Never say die. 永不言敗

4. I'm at the end of my rope. 我已經走投無路了

5. Take French leave. 不辭而別,不告而別

1. You rock. 你太棒了

2. You're all wet. 你說錯了

3. You're wasting your breath. 你在白費口舌

4. If the worst comes to the worst... 最最糟的時候

5. Now you're talking. 這才像話

1. Get the picture? 弄清楚了嗎?,懂得我的意思嗎?

2. You're way out of the line. 你實在太過分了

3. Kick back for a day or two. 放鬆一兩天

4. I've been swamped at work. 我工作忙得不可開交

5. I know what you're up to. 我知道你在搞什麼花樣

1. l'm just not sure you're seeing the big picture. 我不曉得妳是不是有顧全大局

2. Spit it out. 說呀

3. You let the cat out of the bag. 你洩露秘密了

4. Some son of a bitch is burning my bridges behind my back. 有個混蛋在扯我後腿

5. He is out to lunch. 他心不在焉


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