Some people live in a lifetime in a minute. 有人一分鐘裡就度過了一生。
----Scent Of A Woman《女人香》

Vanity is definitely my favorite sin. 虛榮是我最愛的原罪

I had to choose between the true version and an elaborate one. 我必須在平淡的真實與美麗的虛幻中選擇。

You make me completely. 你讓我的生命完整。

Life will find a way. 生命總會找到它的出路。

With great power, comes great responsibility. 力量越大,責任越大。

Every man dies, not every man really lives. 每個人都會死,但並非每個人都真正活過。
梅爾‧吉勃遜 英雄本色 Braveheart

You complete me. 你使我的生命完整。

Show me the money.

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. 自由是所有生命體的權利。
《變型金剛》 Transformers

傑克尼克遜對海倫杭特說:「You make me want to be a better man.」
《愛在心裡口難開 》 "As Good as It Gets"

「Family goes First!」
《命運好好玩》(The Click)

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