1. 我總是在台中上車彰化下車。

I always get on the train in Taichung and get off in Changhua.

2. 你兒子正在學校等你載他。

Your son is waiting for you at school to pick him up .

3. 我們看到這個小女孩時,馬上就同情她。

When we saw the little girl, we felt sorry for her at once .

4. 她昨晚打電話給我,只是想告訴我別把那張卡丟掉。

She called me up last night just to tell me not to throw away the card.

5. 我三點醒來。起先我以為是貓。

I woke up at 3. At first I thought it was the cat.

6. 你應該馬上繼續唸書。

You should go on with your study right away .


Turn off the radio when the song is over.

8. 我現在已經習慣早起床。

I'm used to getting up early now.

9. 穿上你的外套。我們今晚要到外面吃。

Put on your coat. We'll eat out tonight.

10. 脫下你的帽子。飛機就要起飛了。

Take off your hat. The plane is about to take off .

11. 打開燈,坐下。

Turn on the light and take a seat.

12. 如果你能保持鎮靜,最後你會成功的。

If you can keep your head, you'll succeed at last .

13. 我們會等你到你好轉。

We'll wait for you until you get better.

14. 偶爾感冒沒關係。

It's all right to get a cold once in a while.

15. 兩百年前那棟房子就是在這裡燒燬的。

The house burned down right here two hundred years ago.

16. 離花遠一點,你會發現花瓶很搭配花。

Keep away from the flowers, and you'll find out the vase goes well with the flowers.

17. 我好幾個禮拜沒你的消息了,所以決定來拜訪你。

I haven't heard of you for weeks, so I decide to call on you.

18. 我們都累壞了,但是我們的夢想即將成真。

We are tired out , but our dream will come true very soon.

19. 沒關係。這偶爾會發生。

Never mind . It happens now and then.

20. 跟平常一樣,我會在7-11前面接(載)你。

As usual I will pick you up in front of the seven-eleven.

21. 警方正在尋找昨晚逃跑的犯人。

The police are looking for the prisoners who ran away last night.

22. 你的褲子會慢慢變乾的。

Your pants will dry out little by little .

23. 你看他。他又在做鬼臉了。

Look at him. He's making faces again.

24. 是否你有立刻打電話給他並沒有什麼區別。

It makes no difference whether you called him up at once.

25. 如果你很累了,可以不用現在就把最喜歡的挑出來。

If you are tired out, you don't have to pick out your favorite right now.

26. 首先,我們慢慢地找尋完美的戒指。

At first, we took our time looking for the perfect ring.

27. 如果你的工作不順利,我們可以立刻來討論一下。

If you are not getting along well in your job, we can talk it over right away.

28. 沒關係。這我們可以自己來。

Never mind. We can do this by ourselves .

29. 他把包包裡每一樣東西都拿出來,發現錢包並不在裡面。

He took everything out from his bag, and found out his wallet wasn't there.

30. 請坐下。飛機馬上就要起飛了。

Please sit down . The plane will take off at once.

31. 最後她故意把鉛筆折斷。

At last, she broke off her pencil on purpose .

32. 我們整天都在調查這消息的真假。

We checked on the truth of the news all day long .

33. 他們站起來,和對方握手。

They stood up , and shook hands with each other.

34. 最後他終於躺下睡著了。

At last, he lay down and fell asleep.

35. 你是否要去參加會議並沒有什麼差別。

It makes no difference whether you want to take part in the meeting.

36. 你可以慢慢地試穿我們的新衣服。

You can take your time trying on our new clothes.

37. 到目前為止,還沒有人打電話給她。

So far , nobody has called her up.

38. 最後終於有一個女服務生來招呼我們。

At last, a waitress came to wait on us.

39. 和平常一樣,我們昨天晚飯後去散步。

As usual, we take a walk after dinner yesterday.

40. 你可以考慮一下,再告訴我你要不要去拜訪約翰。

You can think it over and tell me whether you will call on John.

41. 這小孩子必須自己把玩具收起來。

The child had to put away her toys by herself.

42. 他故意什麼也不說。

He said nothing at all on purpose.

43. 你至少得挑一條領帶出來。

You have to pick out one tie at least .

44. 意外就是在這兒發生的。

The accident took place right here.

45. 哈里斯昨晚從芝加哥回來了。下飛機之後他看起來累壞了。

Harris got back from Chicago last night. He looked tired out after he

got off the plane.

46. 和往常一樣,在開會時見面的時候他們還是握手。

As usual, they shook hands when they met in the meeting.

47. 目前,她至少一天打電話給她一次。

For the time being , he calls her up at least once a day.

48. 他開瓦斯的時候,他媽媽叫他小心。

When he was turning on the gas, his mother told him to look out .

49. 如果你現在不下決心,你的體重會慢慢地增加。

If you don『t make up your mind right now, you will gain weight little

by little.

50. 只要你一服下這藥,你的感冒就會馬上好。

As soon as you take this medicine, you will get over your cold right


51. 你覺得你剛試穿的那件襯衫怎樣?

What do you think of the shirt you tried on just now?

52. 小偷突然拿出一把刀子,急忙地跑出房間。

The thief suddenly took out a knife and ran out the room in a hurry .

53. 仔細考慮他父親的提議之後,他決定返回南美永遠住在那兒了。

After thinking over his father『s offer, he decided to return to South America

for good .

54. 因為只有兩三位學生參加,演講比賽取消了。

The speech contest was called off because only two or three students

took part in it.

55. 起初他答應要來載我,但幾分鐘之後他就改變心意了。

At first, he promised to pick me up, but several minutes later he

changed his mind .

56. 他每次感冒,都躺下來休息好幾天。

Every time he catches a cold , he always lies down to rest for several days.

57. 接線生叫我馬上掛斷電話。

The operator told me to hang up at once.

58. 突然,他起身離開。

All of a sudden she got up and left.

59. 有時候,我的感冒很快就好了。

At times , I get over my cold very quickly.

60. 到目前為止,我們全部都還依賴父母撫養我們。

So far, all of us still count on our parents to support us.

61. 他們一直在試穿他們媽媽的衣服,直到她回來。

They kept on trying on their mother『s clothes until she got back.

62. 約翰和隔壁班那個女孩做朋友進展得怎樣?

How is John getting along in making friends with the girl in the next class?

63. 你不能就這樣故意跳過第二題。

You can『t just leave out the second question on purpose.

64. 他匆忙地把考卷交出去,沒有再檢查一下。

He handed in his exam paper in a hurry without looking it over .

65. 這台機器故障的時候,意外很容易發生。

Accidents take place easily when this machine is out of order .

66. 班機被取消了,所以我們並沒有準時到達芝加哥。

The flight was called off, so we didn『t get to Chicago on time.

67. 目前,消防隊員還在努力撲滅火災。

For the time being, the firemen are still working hard to put out the fire.

68. 我期待週末能休息,好把我房裡的東西收一收。

I expect to have the weekend off to put away all the things in my room.

69. 我們不能老是依賴老師指出我們的錯誤。

We cannot always count on our teachers to point out our mistakes.

70. 我寧願去親一隻豬也不要跟他握手。

I would rather kiss a pig than shake hands with him.

71. 她想不透為什麼他一直侍候她那麼久。

She could not figure out why he kept on waiting on her for so long.

72. A: 很抱歉我沒有準時回來。 B: 沒關係。

A: I『m sorry that I didn't get back on time ? B: Never mind.

73. 你最好盡快下定決心。

You had better make up your mind as soon as possible.

74. 順便一提,你有空的時候,快去拜訪你舅舅。

By the way , when you have time off, call on your uncle soon.

75. 你不能永遠拖延你的讀書計畫。

You can never put off your study plan for good.

76. 有時候我下午四點鐘時會餓。

I get hungry at times at about four o『clock in the afternoon.

77. 你們商量過後,事情一定會好轉的。

After you talk it over, things will certainly get better .

78. A: 你覺得我剛剛做的時間表怎樣? B: 我懷疑你可以及時唸完書。

A: What do you think of the schedule I just made?

B: I doubt whether you can finish all your reading in time .

79. 時間是不是到了已經沒有差別。反正我們贏不了。

It makes no difference whether time is up . We can never win, anyway.

80. 再五分鐘這堂課就結束了。你們可以很快地再把那些問題檢查一遍。

Our class will be over in five minutes. You can look over those

questions quickly.

81. 你最好要注意他。他正計畫要把這重要的會議延後。

You had better pay attention to him. He is planning to put off this important meeting.

82. 順便一提,我跟那件事可是一點關係也沒有。

By the way, I have nothing to do with that matter.

83. 時間到的時候,蠟燭自己就熄滅了。

When time was up, the candle went out by itself.

84. 漸漸地,我愛上她了

Little by little, I fell in love with her.

85. 突然,他轉過身來,拿下他的眼鏡。

All of a sudden, he turned around and took off his glasses.

86. 當他們想出來毛病出在哪裡時,飛機正要起飛。

The plane was about to take off when they figure out where the trouble was.

87. 到目前為止,他的病還沒復原。

As yet (= So far) , he hasn『t got over his illness.

88. 如果你改變心意要把那些參考書丟掉,請立即通知我。

If you change your mind and want to throw away those reference books, please call me right away.

89. 刪掉一些嘔心的句子後,他繼續寫信。

He went on (= kept on) writing the letter after leaving out some disgusting sentences.

90. 老師要我們輪流指出圖畫裡的錯誤。

Our teacher wanted us to take turns pointing out the mistakes in the picture.

91. 這點老師已經解釋過至少五六次了,但是我們仍然一再犯同樣的錯誤。

The teacher had explained this point at least five or six times, but we still make the same mistake over and over .

92. 如果你整天躺在那裡,你的牛仔褲會磨損得很快。

If you lie down there all day long, your blue jeans will wear out very fast.

93. 你必須好好照顧你的籃球鞋,這樣它們才不會很快就磨損。

You have to take good care of your sneakers, so that they won『t wear out quickly.

94. 到目前為止他還沒醒來。

As yet he hasn『t waken up .

95. 當我們正要開始吃晚餐時,又有不少客人進來。

Quite a few guests came in when we were about to start dinner.

96. 他假裝他已經愛上她了。

He makes believe that he has fallen in love with her.

97. 風雨交加的夜晚燈偶爾會熄滅。

Lights go out once in a while in a stormy night.

98. 當我年輕時,我習慣(常常)一再犯相同的錯誤。

When I was young, I used to make the same mistake over and over.

99. 你最好要習慣靠自己查生字。

You had better get used to looking up new words by yourself.

100. 這台舊電梯老是故障,不過我現在習慣(它)了。

This old elevator is out of order all the time, but I am used to it now.

101. 在我爸爸的遺囑裡,他要我永遠負責這棟舊大宅。

In my father『s will he wants me to be in charge of the old mansion for good.

102. 我寧願負責樂隊也不要參與演出。

I would rather take charge of the orchestra than take part in the performance.

103. 當你到達台中,盡快與我們老大聯絡。

When you get to Taichung, get in touch with our Big Brother as soon as possible.

104. 如果你舞會裡要玩得愉快,你應該挑選你最喜歡的女孩,跟她一起去。

If you want to have a good time at the dance, you should pick out the girl you like most and go with her.

105. 要確定我們還和國小同學保持聯絡。

Make sure that we still keep in touch with our elementary school classmates.

106. 偶爾我們要假裝我們把自己照顧得很好。

Now and then we『ve got to make believe that we are taking good care of ourselves.

107. 老鼠跟這種病一點關係也沒有,因為我們已經擺脫它們很多年了。

Mice have nothing to do with the disease, because we have gotten rid of them for years.

108. 老師要我們注意這條文法規則。他甚至說我們最好把它背起來。

The teacher wanted us to pay attention to this grammatical rule. He even said that we had better learn it by heart .

109. 誰要留意把那些椅子收起來呢

Who is going to see about putting away those chairs?

110. 跟從中國大陸來的人很難做朋友。

It is difficult to make friends with people who come from Mainland China.

111. 老師的解釋把我們弄混淆了。也許我們不能再依賴他了。

The teacher『s explanation just mixed us up . Maybe we can't count on him anymore.

112. 我們高速駕車去台北,所以才能及時趕到。

We made (very) good time on our way to Taipei, so we could get there in time.

113. 你的襯衫和褲子一點也不相配。

Your shirt doesn『t go with your pants at all.

114. 有不少學生去補習班,但是上次月考卻考不理想。

Quite a few students went to cram school, but they did not make out well on the last exam.

115. 我已經跟Betty 交往七年了,目前正在考慮結婚。

I have been going with Betty for seven years, and we are thinking over a marriage right now.

116. 我女朋友說她喜歡做家事,但是到目前為止我還沒看她做菜過。

My girlfriend said she enjoyed keeping house , but as yet I haven『t seen her cook.

117. 要瑪麗願意幫我做家事是不可能的。

It『s out of the question for Mary to be willing to keep house for me.

118. 學生們要背這麼多新字並不容易,所以我們暫時不要挑他們毛病。

It『s not easy for the students to learn so many new words by heart, so don『t try to find fault with them for the time being.

119. 你是不是要跟她做朋友是由你決定。

It『s up to you whether you would make friends with her or not.

120. 突然他掛了電話,轉過身,就出去了。

All at once (= All of a sudden) he hung up the phone, turned around, and went out.

121. 確定你可以輕易地戒掉;否則,遠離那些香煙。

Make sure you will be able to get rid of it easily; otherwise, keep away from those cigarettes.

122. 順便提一下,你們最好記錄追蹤病人的體溫,若有不對勁,就打電話給我。

By the way, you had better keep track of the patient『s temperature, and call me up if there is anything wrong.

123. 校長罵了Jordan一頓,因為打架他也有一份。

The principal called Jordan down for taking part in the fighting.

124. 你何時才會挑完禮物呢?

When will you get through picking out your presents?

125. 他答應要調查這件事,再告訴我們為什麼比賽被取消。

He promised to look into the matter and would tell us why the game was called off.

126. 自從他房子著火,他還沒從惡夢中恢復。

He hasn『t got over the terrible nightmare since his house caught fire .

127. 當我們在散步的時候,斷斷續續地下著雨。

It rained off and on while we were taking a walk.

128. 抓住我的手臂,讓我們一起滅火吧。

Take hold of my arm and let『s put out the fire together.

129. 突然,火箭爆炸了。還好沒有人受傷。

All at once, the rocket blew up . Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

130. 你是不是要重做由你自己決定。

It is up to you whether you will do it over .

131. 因為我沒有給客戶最新的目錄,他罵了我一頓。

He called me down because I didn『t give our customers the most up-to-date catalogue.

132. 我很同情那些愛滋病人。他們死之前,疼痛斷斷續續地侵襲他們。

I feel sorry for those patients who get AIDS. Pain strikes them off and on before they die.

133. 警方決定要調查這家KTV為什麼會燒燬。

The police decided to look into why the KTV burned down .

134. 你最好不要把她的愛視為理所當然。她為你做的一切一定跟你的錢有關。

You had better not take her love for granted . What she has done for you must have something to do with your money.

135. 他已經拖延了那麼多功課,期末考他不可能考好(成功)的。

After he has put off so much studying, it is out of the question that he can

make good in the final exam.

136. 她挑每個人的毛病。因此,顯然她不會因為你的痴情而愛上你。

She finds fault with everyone. Therefore, it stands to reason (that) she will not fall in love with you because of your devotion.

137. 我們還沒想出來燈泡為什麼會燒壞。

We haven『t figured out why the bulb burned out .

138. 至於公車是怎麼著火,引擎可能是原因,因為它有時候會故障。

As to how the bus caught fire, the engine might be the cause, because it got out of order at times.

139. 有人相信流行性感冒將要爆發了。

It is believed that flu is about to break out ,

140. 在他還負責管理圖書館的時候,所有的書在一場大火中都燒光了。

All books were burned up in a fire when he was in charge of the library.


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