• Happen
How could this have happened? (怎麼會發生這種事呢?)
Why did this have to happen? (為什麼要發生這件事呢?)
What's the worst that could happen? (最壞的情況會是什麼?)
No, not going to happen. (不會發生的)
This can't be happening. (這是不可能發生的事)
This is finally happening. (這事終於發生了)
This is actually happening. (這事真的發生了)
It's all happening so fast. (這事發生得太快了)
It all happened in a second. (這事發生得太快了)
What if something had happened to you? (如果你出什麼事該怎麼辦?)
Do you believe things happen for a reason? (你相信每件事的發生都有原因嗎?)
Did you see what just happened? (你看到剛剛發生什麼事了嗎?)
It was not supposed to happen. (這事不應該發生才對)
I'm not going to let that happen to me. (我不會讓這事發生在我身上)
I can't allow that to happen. (我不允許這件事情的發生)
You can't let that happen. (你不能讓這件事發生)
• Let go
Let go. (放開吧)
Let go of me. (放開我)
Let go of my hand. (放開我的手)
I think it's time to let go. (我想這是該放手的時候了)
I can't let it go. (我無法釋懷)
You'll never let it go. (你一直無法釋懷)
• Out of
The car ran out of gas. (車沒油了)
I'm out of cash. (我的現金用完了)
We're running out of ideas here. (我們沒有主意了)
This man is out of ideas. (這人沒有主意了)
It's out of my control. (我無法控制)
Get out of my sight. (滾遠一點)
• UP
Line up. (排隊)
Tie him up. (把他綁起來)
You're up early. (你這麼早就起床)
Pull up another chair. (拉另一把椅子過來坐)
I know what you are up to. (我知道你想做什麼)
Don't beat yourself up. (不要苛責自己)
Don't mess it up. (另把它搞砸了)
Keep up the good work. (繼續保持你的優秀表現)
I look up to you. You're my hero. (我非常尊敬你,你是我的英雄)


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