• Now, more and more of those foreign-born professionals are choosing to return to their countries to work at state-of-art facilities.
"along the way" 一路上
• Great companies have plenty of miscues along the way, but the truly great companies recover. (miscue 失策)
"second to none" 首屈一指
• "the quality of the wines that are donated for our auctions is really second to none."
"make way for" 為....舖路,讓步,退讓
• The main headline coming out of Beijing is how Hu solidified his power and made way for younger leaders.
1. She backed out of her promise to help. (違背)
2. Find more information to back up your idea. (支持)
3. I was about to close the door when the phone rang. (剛好要)
4. What I'm getting at is that computers can never express human emotions.(我認為,就我所知)
5. You're behind with your schedule. (進度落後)
6. I'm dying for a cup of coffee. (渴望)
7. Very short hair is definitely in these days. (流行)


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