□ Do慣用法
1. do one's job做工作
2. do one's homework做功課
3. do exercises 做習題
4. do exercise 做運動
5. do one's best 盡力
6. do one's hair梳頭、做頭髮(台語)
7. do me a favor幫我一個忙
8. do 人 good 對某人好=do good to 人
do 人 harm對某人有害=do harm to 人
9. do the cooking做飯
10. do the dishes洗碗
11. do the milk泡牛奶
12. do away with廢除
13. do paintings作畫
14. do without不用

□ make慣用法
1. make a speech演說
2. make a decision做決定
3. make a living謀生
4. make a request要求
5. make an impression 產生印象
6. make a face扮鬼臉
7. make a mistake犯錯
8. make a fortune致富、發財
9. make an effort努力
10. make an appointment約會
11. make food煮食物
12. make money賺錢
13. make breakfast/lunch/dinner煮早、午、晚餐
14. make progress進步
15. make sure確定
16. make sense合理
17. make up 化妝
18. make up one's mind下決心
19. make up with和解
20. make fun of嘲笑
21. make use of利用

□ speak慣用法
1. speak 發表演說~ speak in public 在公開場合演說
2. speak+語言~ speak Mandarin 說中文
3. speak ill of 人 ~說人壞話
4. Generally speaking一般說來

□ talk慣用法
1. talk over討論
2. talk nonsense胡說
* 與speak相同用法
speak to/with =talk to/with
talk about = speak about

□ say慣用法
He said that he was busy.
Can you come here, say , on Friday?
His watch says 5 o'clock.
The clock says 8 o'clock.
He always says prayers before meals.
He said something good about you.
He said ,』』 Don't cheat in the test.」
7.that is to say那就是說
8.to say nothing of更不用說
He can't speak Chinese, to say nothing of Taiwanese.
9.strange to say說來奇怪
Strange to say, he didn't go home last night.
10.What do you say to Ving認為...如何
What do you say to going to the movies?
11. It goes without saying that....不用說=Needless to say ,.........
It goes without saying that we must keep up with the latest information.

1.tell+受詞+子句 : He told me that he loved me.
2.tell+受詞+to V : He told me to clean the room.
3.tell+受詞1+受詞2:He told me many stories.
4.tell....from區別:tell right from wrong明辨是非
5.tell a lie說謊
6.tell the truth說實話
7.tell....apart分辨:I can't tell them apart.我無法分辨他們。
8.tell the time看時間:Can the boy tell the time?這男孩會看時間嗎?
9.tell one's fortune算命
10.Time will tell.時間會證明一切


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