guru 導師
a Hindu spiritual leader. Also used to indicate a respected and influential expert on something. About twenty years ago the leading thinkers in the field of management started to be called 'gurus'.

a good start 一個好的開始
to begin something well, to have an advantage at the beginning

executive career 管理職業生涯
a job relating to the management of an organization and to putting plans into effect

invisible ingredient 不明顯的品質
a quality which is not obvious

elusive 難懂的
something or someone that is elusive is difficult to find, achieve, describe or remember

spread around 迅速擴散
make known or available over a large area or to a large number of people

significant 重要的
important, considerable

common sense 常識
practical good sense gained from experience, not study

competitive edge 競爭優勢
advantage over others

insights 遠見
understanding of a complex situation or problem


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