B:Don'timpose your opinions upon others. You're not my mom.
OrDon't force your opinions upon others
Don't take any chances(不要冒險)
A:John said he would finish the last part of the paper.
B:Don't take any chances. He's very busy with his new girlfriend at the moment.
Or Don't take a risk
Don't push your luck(別太仗恃你的運氣)
A:I got away with the cops again.
B:Don't push your luck. There's no 「always.」
Or Don't rely your luck.
Fasten your seat belt(請繫好安全帶)
A:fasten your seat belt. We're rolling(we got to go)
B:Hey,don't drive so fast.
Don't get too excited(別太興奮/別太激動)
A:Do you know Helen will come next minute?
B:I know you're in love, but don't get too excited. OK?
Or Calm down
Get off one's back(少惹某人)
A:It seems that Mom is in a bad mood.
B:You'd better get off her back
Or You'd better not bother (somebody).
Have a go at (something)(嘗試一下)
A:I don't like raw fish.
B:You should have a go at it.
Or Give (something) a try
The heck with it(算了)
A:I've asked him many times to move his car away,but he's never done it.
B:The heck with it! We can go from another way.
Or Forget it
How about a second round(再來一杯如何)
A:How about a second round?
B:Thanks. I have had enough tonight.
Or How about another drink?
If you can't beat them,join them.(如果你贏不了他們,就加入他們吧)
A:I don't like cooking society.
B:That's the only club in school. If you can't beat them,join them.
Keep your pants on(沈住氣/忍耐點)
A:When will we sell the stocks?
B:Keep your pants on.
Or Be patient
Let sleeping dogs lie(不要過問/少惹事)
A:The Browns are fighting at midnight. What should we do?
B:Let sleeping dogs lie.
Or Keep your nose out of this
Let's get a bite(我們隨便吃點東西吧)
A:I'm so hungry.
B:Let's get a bite.
Or Let's get some food to eat
Let's get down to business(言歸正傳)
A:Let's get down to business.
B:About what?
Or Let's start something serious
Let's go for a ride(去兜風)
A:I'm tired of watching videos.
B:Let's go for a ride.
Or Let's go for a cruise.
Be reasonable(講理一點)
A:I don't want to share the room with her.
B:Betty, you should be more reasonable.
Save your breath!(別浪費口舌/省點力氣吧)
A:If you buy the insurance, it will do you much good.
B:Save your breath! I have no interest in it.
Watch your step!(小心走路/小心)
A:Can I go upstairs?
B:Sure. There's a toy on the way. Watch your step.
Be a good sport(要有團隊精神/樂於合作)
A:I want to quit.
B:Be a good sport.
Or Cooperate with others
Cheer up!(提起精神/振作/別灰心/加油)
A:We lost.
B:Hey, cheer up! It's not a big deal.
Or Keep your chin up


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