The case is closed(事情到此為止,不必再提)
A:He still owed you money. Don't you want it back?
B:The case is closed.
OrIt's all over
It's (all) over(一切都過去了)
A:How about her boyfriend?
B:It's all over. She doesn't want to talk about it.
OrIt's ended
Let's call it quit(我們講和好嗎/停止某事進行)
Run out of (用完)
B:I'll buy some later.
Orshort of
That's about it (就這麼多了)
A:」Goodbye」 ? That's what he said?
B:Yes. That's about it.
OrThat's all
That's final(到此為止,不必再談了)
A:How much will Mr. Chen pay for it?
B:$1000, and that's final.
OrThat's all
That will be all (就這麼多了)
A:Do you need anything else?
B:No, thanks. That will be all.
OrThat's all
The die is cast(事已成定局)
A:If you don't like the table, why don't you return it back?
B:The die is cast. My son made a scratch on it last night.
OrI can't do anything about it.
The last straw(所能忍耐的最後限度)
A:His relationship seldom lasts for 3 months. He drinks too much.
B:That was the last straw.
OrAn oak is not felled at one stroke
There goes everything (一切都完了)
A:Your wife knew it.
B:There goes everything.
OrIt's all over
What's done is done (已成事實,過去的事不必再提了)
B:I'm sorry
Or Forget it.


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