crack a book(用功讀書)
B:Not funny.
OrYou're hitting the books
(I've) done everything (I) can(已盡力了)
A:You failed on your math again. What's wrong?
B:I've done everything I can.
OrI've done everything possible.
Go all the way(堅持到底)
A:She worked very hard but didn't get promoted.
B:I think she should go all the way. Don't give up so soon.
OrShe didn't want to go 「all the way」 with him(有上床之意)
go all-out(拚命努力)
A:I want to give up.
B:Come on. We should go all-out.
OrLet's give it all we've got
Improving your mind(用功讀書)
B:I have an English test tomorrow.
Orare you cracking the book
(someone) never give up(永不死心)
A:Want to buy a lottery ticket?
B:You are really never give up.
OrHabits die hard
pull an all-nighter(開夜車/熬夜)
A:Want some coffee?
B:Sure. I've pulled an all-nighter for week.
Orstayed up for
rack (one's) brains(絞盡腦汁)
A:How about the new proposal?
B:I've rack my brains but got nothing interesting.
Ready to risk (my) life(隨時可以拚命)
A:Do you want to lend him money?
B:I'm ready to risk my life.
OrI'm ready to fight for it.
Stay up all night(熬夜)
B:He's a good student.
Orstay up late
Still up?(還沒睡嗎)
B:Yes. Did I wake you up?
OrHaven't gone to bed?


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