A man who needs no introduction(家喻戶曉的人物)
A:I know him.
B:Of course! He's a man who needs no introduction.
Or(He's) very famous
fucking(moron, asshole)(討厭鬼)
A:Peter is over there with flowers. Maybe he wants to say 「sorry」 to you.
B:He's fucking moron and two-timer.
OrHe's a fucker.
A:Zed had a fight and got hurt last night.
B:He is really good for nothing.
OrHe's a loser
guys and gals(各位)
OrGuys and dolls
a taxpayer(納稅人)
B:Don't you see the sign there? 「NO PARKING」
OrI'm tax-paying citizen
a lazy bum(懶鬼)
A:Why does Frank support his family?
B:His father is a lazy bum
Ora lazy bone
Monday morning quarterbacking(馬後砲的人)
A:If you had bought that stock, you would have been rich.
B:You're Monday morning quarterbacking.
(He's) out in left field(局外人)
A:Can Peter join us?
B:No, he is out in left field.
A pain in the ass(麻煩人物)
A:How do you think of his brother?
B:He's a pain in the ass.
Ora pain in the neck
a party pooper(掃興的人)
B:Next time don't invite him to the party.
Ora wet blanket
a sitting duck(儍瓜)
A:Hey, do you want to buy my car?
B:I'm not a sitting duck.
OrYou're hitting the books
a skirt-chaser(花花公子)
A:Do you happened to know Andrew?
B:Of course. He's a well-known skirt-chaser.
OrHe's a lady-killer
a small potato(小人物)
B:You're a small potato. He wanted to give you a hard time.
OrYou're nobody
son of the bitch(狗娘養的)
B:I'm sorry.
a third wheel(電燈泡)
A:Your brother will go with you.
B:No, I don't want to have a third wheel on my first date.
Or a fifth wheel
(be) tied to (someone's) apron strings(受母親或妻子支配的男人)
B:So that's why Betty left?
(Every) Tom, Dick and Harry(張三李四)
A:Who will go to party?
B:Tom, Dick, and Harry.
A trouble maker(惹事生非的人)
B:She's grounded and stayed upstairs.
Ora nuisance
B:Well, it's new to me.
Ora tongue-in-cheek
(to) wear the pants in the family(一家之主)
B:No wonder!
OrShe takes care of the family
a wet blanket(澆人冷水的人)
A:It's impossible for you to finish it.
B:Hey, don't be a wet blanket.
Ora party pooper
a whistle blower(打小報告的人)
B:I'll keep that in mind.
Ora double-crosser
a yes-man(應聲蟲)
B:Except for it, he's a very nice man.
You devil (you)(你這魔鬼/男女調情用的用語)
A:Move out my house and never be back.
B:You devil.


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