goes against (one's) grain(不合某人的個性)
A:Do you want to gamble?
B:No, it goes against my grain.
OrI don't like to do it
Be a man(拿出大丈夫氣概來)
A:I don't think it's proper to ask her out.
B:Be a man. Just ask!
OrDon't be afraid
(be) hard-headed(頑固)
A:Why does your son have an earring on him? He's a boy!
B:don't be so hard-headed!
OrDon't be so stubborn
(to) have a heart of gold(心地善良)
A:Everyone likes Lucy.
B:She has a heart of gold.
That isn't like you(這不像是你)
A:I'm beat. I want to quit my job.
B:This isn't like you
Like father, like son(有其父必有其子)
A:Frank likes to go fishing as his father does.
B:Like father, like son.
A long face(臭臉)
B:She has a fight with our boss
too many irons in the fire(野心太大)
A:What would you say about Mike?
B:He has too many irons in the fire.
Ortoo ambitious
(be) made of the milk of human kindness(很有同情心)
A:Hey, do you know that girl?
B:Of course. She's made of the milk of human kindness.
Orvery compassionate
(something) is my cup of tea(正合我心意)
A:Do you like the pearl necklace?
B:It is my cup of tea.
OrIt's what I want
(be) penny wise and pound foolish(斤斤計較)
B:Hey, take it easy. They're only clothes and make-ups.
Orshe's narrow-minded.
Sing the same song(志同道合/處境相同)
A:I think his pink shirt is sick.
B:Me too. We sing the same song
Orsing the same tone
take the wrong attitude(態度不對)
A:I worked very hard, but I wasn't promoted.
B:You took the wrong attitude.
Or(to) have improper manners
think big(胸懷大志)
A:I just want to run a small shop.
B:A young man should think big.
Orhave ambition
(be) too ready to suspect(疑心太重)
A:Who's the woman behind us?
B:John's wife. She's too ready to suspect. She suspects all the women talking to her husband.
Or(be) too quick to suspect
A:He's an up-and-coming young man.
B:That's why Mr. Chart asked him to take charged of the company.
Ora spring chicken(生手的人)
You don't have to yell(用不著窮吼)
A:That's my sandwich!
B:You don't have to yell!
OrWhat are you yelling for?


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