Don't be so cheap(不要這麼小氣)
A:No taxi. We 「walk」 there.
B:Don't be so cheap.
Or Don't be so mean
A:I don't want to eat seafood pizza.
B:That's what we have for dinner. Take it or leave it;have it your own way.
How can you joke at a time like this?(這個時候你還有心情説笑)
A:Vicky got lost, and it might be a relief to everyone.
B:How can you joke at a time like this?
I'm not superman(我又不是超人)
A:Can you take these two pans, a box of eggs, and two bags of flour to the basement.
B:Hey,I'm not superman.
OrI only have two hand
I'm only human(我只是個常人)
A:You shouldn't take a break before you finish all the work.
B:I'm only human.
OrI'm not superman
It's for the birds!(沒意思)
B:Really? They're hit and in.
OrIt's boring
B:What's the matter?
OrToday is not my day
Just my luck(運氣差)
A:Oh,no.Mycomputer is down again. Just my luck.
B:I'll fix it for you.
OrIt's not my day
I'm no saint(我又不是聖人)
A:Hey, you put too much salt. Do you know how to cook?
B:I'm no saint.
So what?(那又如何)
A:You were late for school today.
B:So what?
Sorry is never good enough.(對不起有什麼用)
A:I'm sorry.
B:Sorry is never good enough
OrI don't need your sorry
take it out on (someone)(對某人出氣)
B:But it's he who messed up my room
Orvent one's anger on
tear (one's) hair out(氣得要命)
A:Was my father mad?
B:He was tearing his hair out.
Orhit the ceiling
tell (someone) off(臭罵一頓)
Orgive (someone) a good dressing-down
What's the difference?(又有什麼差別/關係)
A:You gained weight.
B:One or two pounds. What's the difference?
What the heck(管他的)
A:Don't spit here?
B:What the heck!
OrWhat the hell
Who cares?(誰會在乎)
A:They were very angry with you.
B:Who cares?
OrI don't care.
Who else?(除了(某人)還有誰)
A:who did this to my son?
B;Who else? Peter.
OrNo one but Peter
Who gives the orders around there?(你以為你是老大嗎)
A:Move the table and then clean the windows.
B:Who gives the orders around here?
OrWho's the boss here?

Why don't you just drop dead?
A:Give me money.
B:Why don't you just drop dead?
Why don't you watch where you're going?(你為什麼行路唔帶眼)
B:Why don't you watch where you're going?
Orwatch out where you're going!
Why me?(為什麼又是我呢)
A:Mr. Gran wanted you to come.
B:Why me?
You're trying my patient(不要惹我發火)
A:I don't want to go. I don't like grandma. Why should I have dinner with her?
B:you're truing my patient.
OrDon't irritate me
Are you blind?(你瞎了嗎)
A:Where's my purse? Did you take it?
B:are you blind? It's on the table.
You call this justices?(你説這叫公平嗎)
A:You should give Mr. Beg $1000. The case is done.
B:You call this justice?
OrYou consider this fair?
You may take it any way you want(你愛怎麼樣都可以)
A:Look at your attitude. Do you want to be fired?
B:You may take it any way you like.
OrWhatever you think.
That's not fair(這不公平)
A:Go upstairs and no more TV.
B:That's not fair.
OrIt's unfair.


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