(be) cute, very cute(聰明,真聰明(反諷))
A:I told everyone their love affairs.
B:Cute, very cute. You'll be big trouble.
Or (Be) cute, very cute
A:Jam didn't call me last night. He doesn't love me anymore.
B:Don't be silly!
Or Don't be stupid
Flattery will get you nowhere(拍馬屁也沒用)
A:Mom you look pretty today. So, can I go to a basketball game with Sam?
B:Flattery will get you nowhere
Or Fauning (someone) on doesn't work
fry in (one's) own grease(自作自受)
A:Henry lost his job because of being late all the time
B:He fried in his own grease.
Or He deserve it
a same old story(老掉牙的故事)
A:Guess what?
B:Oh, no. Don't tell me that same old story
That's the best excuse you can come up with?(那是你所能想出來的最好藉口嗎)
A:I'm late because I was robbed.
B:That's the best excuse you can come up with?
That's joke's pretty old(老掉牙的笑話)
A:Why don't they laugh?
B:That joke's pretty old!
Or That's an old joke
There's no holding (one's) back(沒有事情阻止(某人))
A:He was in hot water for finding another job or not.
B:There's no holding him back.
Or Nothing stops him
Where's your sense of humor?(你的幽默感去了那裡)
A:Not funny.
B:Where's your sense of humor?
Or Take it easy
You ain't seen nothing yet(好戲還在後頭)
A:Wow, her skirt is short and hot.
B:You ain't seen nothing yet.
Or You ain't heard anything yet
You must be daydreaming(你一定是發白日夢)
A:Allen called me 5 minutes ago.
B:You must be daydreaming. He's in Japan.
Or You're a space cadet
enough to turn (one's) stomach(倒人胃口)
A:Look at the old man and his young girlfriend.
B:It's enough to turn my stomach.
Or It make me sick


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