A:Why did Kevin lose so much weight?
B:After he was broken, he tried to drown his troubles in alcohol.
Or He tried to get drunk to forget his troubles.
A:It was just a joke. Don't take it so seriously.
B:But I feel like a fool
Or But it made me feel had.
A:Why is he so angry?
B:He gets sore because his son sold his old car.
Or He get mad.
A:It's your turn to do the laundry.
B:Give me a break. I've been working 10 hours in the office
Or Leave (me) alone
A:Your father is coming home. Let's put all the stuff away
B:I don't give a damn.
Or I don't care
B:I don't think they care.
Or disappoint (someone)
B:I don't believe what you said.
Or Why don't you give up?
A:Why are you crying?
B:When I heard our Little Sam calling me Mom, I had mixed feelings.
A:You can beat Henry.
B:He is more than a match for me.
A:She went back to her old way—dealing drugs.
B:She's really past praying for.
Or She's really a dead man.
A:She married Richard.
B:What has he got that I don't have?
Or Is he better than me?
A:Why don't you buy a house?
B:I wouldn't dream of it.
Or I have never thought of it.
B:Oh, no. It's out of order a few hours ago.
Or Do something

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